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Robert Pattinson dropped into an Irish wedding and posed for photos with the bridal party this weekend, and there is no doubting that these ladies were genuine fans, because they managed to recognize the former Twilight star despite the colossal beard that has devoured his face!

According to Gossip Cop, R-Patz was spotted by eagle-eyed wedding guests as he was having a drink in the Culloden hotel bar, and when he was approached he happily posed for pictures with the group, including slipping into a snap with the newly married couple, Tom and Sarah Lenihan.

Tom and Sarah Lenihan with Rob
Tom and Sarah Lenihan with Rob

Rob is currently in Ireland filming The Lost City of Z,a James Gray directed movie about based on the true story of a British explorer who ventured into the Amazon and never returned.

From the look of the latest crop of photos, it seems like Rob is relishing his stay in the emerald isle, and this isn't the first time he has posed with fans in the past few weeks.

Rob has also appeared in a snap with his co-star, Charlie Hunnam, with a fan on the streets of Belfast, and been pictured drinking up with locals in a bar named 'The Salty Dog.'

According to multiple fan reports, Rob impressed them with his accommodating manner and good old fashioned politeness. Sounds like the perfect wedding guest to me, hurrah!

(Source: Gossip Cop)


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