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Each piece of information that we get for Star Trek Beyond is even more exciting: we've had a change of creative team, Idris Elba as the main villain, and promises to return to the "spirit of the original show". With the crew finally off on their five year journey, Star Trek 3 is set to boldly go on more adventures, with plenty of new civilisations to discover along the way.

Thanks to some recent set pics, we've caught a glimpse of a few of these aliens already! There's also a mysterious casting in the form of Lydia Wilson. What could these new arrivals mean for the film, and has Kirk finally met his match?

Intriguing Allies

Courtesy of fan sleuths ScreenCrush, Sofia Boutella's role has been revealed. As we suspected, the [Kingsman: The Secret Service](tag:713143) star is playing an alien from a species not encountered in any of the previous TV shows or films.

Sofia Boutella's enigmatic alien.
Sofia Boutella's enigmatic alien.

This is in line with Justin Lin's motivations: a while ago he revealed that Star Trek 3 would strike out from the stories we've already seen.

"It’s all new and fresh. The Klingons, Romulans and other species are great, but it’s time to go further. It has been fun to focus on creating whole new worlds and species."

All that green screen could end up as the surface of an exciting new world! And Sofia Boutella's character has already got us interested. With startling white skin and hair she looks very striking, and seems to be some kind of ally to the Enterprise crew. She's definitely not Starfleet, as she is dressed in civilian clothes.

Check out that awesome new Starfleet jacket!
Check out that awesome new Starfleet jacket!

From her general appearance she could be a kind of bounty hunter or independent explorer - she looks like she's the adventuring type! The crew could be exiting her ship, as she's leading the way, and that gadget doesn't look like Federation technology. No name for Boutella's mysterious alien has been released, but we can't wait to find out whether she's friend or foe. The only other information we have on Boutella's character is that she's a "lead role". Colour me intrigued!

Thanks to the Omaze charity videos, we've also had a sneak peek at two other aliens that will appear in Star Trek 3...

The one on the left is definitely a previous unseen species, but the one on the right looks familiar... Could Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's notoriously chatty Morn be making his big screen debut? That would certainly be a twist.

And these new aliens aren't the only additions to the cast...

Lydia Wilson: Friend or Foe?

She's the latest to join the Star Trek 3 gang, but Lydia Wilson's role is shrouded in mystery. The About Time actress could be playing any number of characters, and there are plenty of rumours to choose from. After news that Star Trek Beyond would introduce three new female characters, FilmDivider reported that these women would be the president of the Federation, a captain to rival Kirk, and Mccoy's ex wife. This was back in February, and so far two women have been added to the cast. We already know Sofia Boutella's role doesn't fit any of FilmDivider's predictions, but Lydia Wilson's character is another matter.

President, captain, or ex-wife?
President, captain, or ex-wife?

So let's break down the possibilities. Although it would be fabulous to finally have a female president of the Federation, it's unlikely that the 30 year old Wilson will play such a role. However, she could definitely be Kirk's rival captain. Star Trek has featured a few female captains, with the most notable being Voyager's intrepid Captain Janeway, but more is always better! And it's always fun to see Kirk get his feathers ruffled. But again, there's a flaw in this theory: with the Enterprise going where no-one has gone before, it's unlikely they'll encounter another Federation ship in their exploration mission. So onto the next option: Bones' ex-wife.

We don't know much about Mccoy's ex-wife, only that they parted on bad terms. The comics have expanded on this idea, and giving her a name: Pamela Branch. But would a reunion make sense for the story? Mccoy apparently joined Starfleet in order to escape his ex-wife, so it's unlikely she's an officer. And it's even more unlikely that she was aboard the ship at the end of Star Trek Into Darknessas the Enterprise embarked on her five year mission.

Of course there's plenty of other options to be found in The Original Series: maybe we could finally see Christine Chapel in the reboot! Chapel was a recurring character on the show (she was actually in more episodes than Chekov), and has been mentioned in both 2009's Star Trek and Into Darkness. Roberto Orci even said that it was "certainly possible" that Chapel would finally appear onscreen. Fingers crossed that this is who Wilson is playing!

Of course, it would also be fantastic to see a totally new female character in the Trek universe.

All in all, Star Trek 3 is shaping up to be an exciting ride, and we can't wait to see what the Enterprise crew has in store for us next!


What character should Lydia Wilson play?


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