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Warning: if you have not seen the finale there are major spoilers ahead.

There been seven gruesome murders that have happened on MTV's Scream, and the season finale sure didn't disappoint, serving us with an additional two more heave-worthy killings to add to the list. But, just who was the murderous and ruthless killer behind the Ghostface attacks? All is about to be revealed.

After watching the initial episodes, people began speculating about who the masked killer could be. All eyes were mostly fixed upon Kieran or Mr. Branson as the potential psycho, but these predictions were both proved to be false by the show last night.

Of course, MTV had a shocking twist to bring to our unsuspecting eyes. The psycho behind the mask was neither Kieran or Mr. Branson. Astonishingly, the killer was revealed as someone very unexpected: Piper Shaw. She revealed herself as the killer when she pulled her mask off in front of her sister Emma and called her "Sis."

The story of Piper's murderous turn was just as wild as the revelation. Turns out that the grudge leading her to raise hell on the teenagers of Lakewood all stemmed from being given up for adoption. The inner torment that she felt caused her to lash out at Emma and her loved ones in her jealous fits of revenge. If this was not already wild enough to get your head around (and to make you fall off the edge of your seat with shock), the show had more in store for us. The season finale also seemed to reveal that another Lakewood resident is potentially working with Piper as her accomplice. Who could it be?

There are so many questions floating in the air for this show, is it Season 2 already?

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