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Back in March we learned that the late '80s TV series Coach had landed itself a revival series in which we'd witness Craig T. Nelson returning to his iconic role as Coach Hayden Fox, alongside the shows original writer and Executive Producer, Barry Kemp. However, Mashable has confirmed that NBC has nipped these plans in the bud.

Craig T. Nelson and Barry Kemp were back in the game for a multi-cam, which was to be set 18 years after the final episode of the original run.

Mashable reports:

Per the premise, Nelson's Coach Hayden Fox was going to come out of retirement to help his son coach a very green team at an Ivy League university in Pennsylvania.

Coach was set to join a host of other former series getting second life on television likeThe X-Files, Heroes, and Twin Peaks, which had its own set of problems on the road to revival but was ultimately saved.

NBC has no comment.

Sorry for the disappointment, guys!

For those eagerly awaiting their fix of Craig T. Nelson in Coach, how about watching one of his many roles since the series ended back in 1997? Such as The Devil's Advocate, The District, The Incredibles (for the voice, obvs), Blades of Glory, My Name Is Earl or Parenthood, just to name a few really, really good ones.

How do you feel about the 'Coach' cancelation?
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(Source: Mashable)


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