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There are a lot of actors out there who have multiple superhero movie roles under their belts, but none come close to the great Stan Lee. The King of comics has had cameos in over 20 Marvel properties, dating all the way to 1989's The Trial of the Incredible Hulk.

Over his 26-year cameo career, Lee has met hundreds of actors who've brought his characters to life. But when asked who his favorite Marvel actor was, he didn't even hesitate for a moment...

Stan Lee Loves Chris Evans!

In a recent interview with Larry King, Lee was asked "Who's the Marvel actor who you've bonded with most?" Lee responded:

"Chris, the fellow who plays Captain America. He was The Human Torch... and then they made him Captain America. He's the greatest guy!"
Someone's probably very pleased right about now...
Someone's probably very pleased right about now...

To me, it makes total sense that Evans and Lee would have such a significant bond. Evans has been working with Marvel since the original Fantastic Four back in 2005. Over the last decade, he's portrayed both a member of Marvel's First Family, and one of the most significant solo superheroes to ever grace the pages of Marvel's comics. No wonder the talented young actor has such a special place in Lee's heart!

Ever the diplomat, Lee hastily added: "But I love them all!" You can watch the full segment here.

But this wasn't the only favorite Lee divulged...

His Favorite Cameo Is in X-Men: Apocalypse

Lee shocked many fans when he revealed that his favorite cameo was one we hadn't seen yet: his forthcoming role in X-Men: Apocalypse. Larry King pushed him on what made this particular cameo so significant, to which he replied:

"This cameo is different than any I have ever done before, because I did it with another person who is very important to me. I can't tell you more than that!"

Is that sly old dog aware of what a massive tease this is? Yes, absolutely! He continued:

"The whole world is now saying [...] 'Who could possibly be that important to Stan?!' This is gonna become the biggest talking point throughout the country!"
Stan with his wife, Joan
Stan with his wife, Joan

I don't know about you, but I've certainly taken the bait - I'm desperate to know who this mysterious person could be. The obvious choice is one of Lee's family members, either his wife Joan or daughter, J.C. has suggested it could be one of the co-creators of Apocalypse, Walter and Louise Simonson - which I would absolutely love. It would be incredible to see one of these two talents united with their creation on screen!

Regardless of who the mystery extra is, this cameo is going to be huge. For one thing, Stan has been an infrequent guest in the X-Men franchise, only appearing in the original X-Men and X-Men: The Last Stand. Apocalypse will be the first time we've seen him in action with James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and the rest of the young mutants.

Plus, if Stan thinks it's better than his upcoming Deadpool strip club cameo, it's got to be good!

We have to wait until May 27, 2016 to catch the X-Men cameo for ourselves. In the mean time, we can see Lee's bae in action in [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) on May 6! Only 8 months to go!


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