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So, who is the Red Hood? This article is dedicated to Red Hood's origins.


Jason Todd was born in Gotham where he was raised. His father, Willis, was a criminal and he was sent to prison, the were never met again. Jason lived with his so-called mother, Catherine, which she was addicted to drugs and not his real mother, something that Jason didn't know. Jason turned into crime to get money for living. His mother died by a drug overdose and his father ran away because he screwd up a job for Harvey Dent, also known as Twoface. Jason was alone in the streets struggling to live. He was stealing car parts and he was sailing them to get money, that's how he met Batman, he tried to steal the Batmobile's tires. He helped him and he sent him in a school for orphan and troubled kids, but Jason wasn't cooperating, he was anti-social and he was breaking the laws. Bruce took him home as his own child.


Bruce finally made him to understand how the world is working and he began to train him, after Dick Grayson (the first Robin) left. He wasn't so good as Dick but the life that he led all this time made him tougher than you really thought. He was sarcastic and strong and those things gave a motivation. Bruce trained very hard and Jason was really good at it. Jason became the second Robin.

Jason is wearing the Robin suit for the first time
Jason is wearing the Robin suit for the first time


Jason continued to fight crime with Bruce. One day the Joker abducted Jason and he put him for long time in a dungeon. Batman stopped looking for him because he believed he was dead. The Joker was torturing him both mentally and physically, he convienced Jason that Batman is responsible for this situation and he needs to die. Jason believed him, Joker proved his point, and his point was that he wanted to make someone, so close to Batman, hate him and want to kill him. After he beat him almost to death Joker left him there bloody and alone, then he blowed the whole place up. Jason found dead the next day.

Batman carries Jason's usouled body
Batman carries Jason's usouled body


Ra's al Ghul had a plan, he took Jason's body and put a fake one in its place. He brought Jason back from the dead using his Lazarus Pit, but Jason didn't put his mind in place, he fell off a cliff. Ra's had his assassins looking for him but they didn't find anything. So, he considered him as dead.

Jason's ressurection
Jason's ressurection


Five years later they spotted a guy wearing a red mask and bat signal on his chest shooting criminals and going after Black Mask and his operations. Guess who that guy is! Is Jason Todd, as the Red Hood. Jason was cleaning up the mess off Gotham by killing them. He believed that this moral code that Batman swore to keep is a false one. He kills not only for justice but because he's enjoying it.

Jason captured Joker and brought him to Batman, he wanted him kill him and avenge his own death because Joker took Jason from him, Batman wouldn't break his own moral code. Jason blew up the building with Batman, Joker and himself inside. They all survived, Jason escaped and he never showed up.

Red Hood
Red Hood

Jason Todd had a similar story in Batman: Arkham Knight. Joker faked Jason's death and then Jason's joined forces with Scarecrow and he created the identity of the Arkham Knight, eventually he became Red Hood.


If you like Red Hood watch the animated movie Batman: Under the Red Hood.

Also I would like to see Red Hood in the DCCU. We've seen some easter eggs that needs to be confirmed.

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