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With the Attack on Titan live action movie tickets now on sell in the US, I thought it would be a good idea to do a spoiler free review for the people who plan on seeing it. There is a video below that goes over some of the same points of this review but with fewer points.

The Movie Itself

First off, the tone of the movie has a Japanese horror film feel to it. It seems that the focus was more on the titans than the characters. The regular titans look good and natural. The abnormal titans look great. When looking at the graphics, it is obvious that it is not "Hollywood" quality, but it still looks great. There were times that the graphics were not too great and it could take some people out of the movie, but overall the graphics were interesting.

The Movie Characters Compared to the Anime and Manga

This film is not for people who want to see a very close adaptation of the manga and Anime. For those who do not know, there are some characters missing and a few new characters. There are also some changes to the some of the major characters. A character named Shikishima replaces Levi. His character is nothing like Levi. Souda seems to replace Hannes. Lil and Fukushi are Hannah and Franz. The rest of the new characters are an authoritative man named Kubal, a woman named Hiana, and a man named Shannagi. Zoë Hange's (Hans) role is slightly different but her character is pretty much the same. Eren seems to have the same attitude but with a sightly different character. His character may be different due to the situation in the movie. Mikasa's character is what had many fans disappointed. Her character was completely different. It seems that she is a very weak person on the inside. Lastly, Ymir and Historia are do not exist in this movie.

The Movie World Compared to the Manga and Anime

This story clearly takes place in a post apocalyptic earth. There are remnants of technology, such as broken down helicopters, that can be seen throughout the movie. Also, technology replaces horses. The walls appear different as well. The four cities around each wall do not exist. There are just three walls.

Final Thoughts

I thought it was a good movie but I am still having trouble trying not to compare the movie to the manga. There are many differences but there are some scenes that run parallel to the source material and those are very exciting to watch. Overall, I enjoyed it and plan to watch part two.

How do you think the movie will turn out? Did I forget something? If you watched the movie, what did you think about it? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.


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