ByBrandon L, writer at
star wars may gross more revenue at the end of the year because it has a bunch of mindless drones drawn to it like a moth to a light saber, but dead space is a totally different and original story with no connections to star wars and i'm tired of the energy companies pump into "what sells". but this has nothing to do with your true sexist prejudice attitude that you portray on the internet where nobody could hurt you, or so you think, just to be a piece of shit to some one else cause your mommy didn't let you have a star wars doll when you were screaming like a brat in toys r' us. it's attitudes like that which will never get you laid. i sir know what a pussy feels like because i don't put people down for my own amusement. we all have our different strengths and yours is being a sheeple for fictions cult followings. if you want to live outside your mommas house in this crazy scary world you have protected yourself with a pathetic uninformed front, then you will have to learn to deal with women that are way smarter than you, not like the bimbos you watch on jersey shore. but obviously your parents did a horrible job raising you and you should castrate yourself and bleed out for that comment! and let the Farce be with you!

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