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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Is everyone excited for the upcoming Luke Cage series that is upcoming on Netflix? Well if you aren't it is time to get crazy excited! Since Netflix's Jessica Jones has wrapped up production, fans have been awaiting some news on Luke Cage and now we have some! Sons of Anarchy star Theo Rossi and Daredevil star Rosario Dawson have been added to the cast! While there is nothing but speculation as to what character Rossi will be portraying, Rosario Dawson should be reprising her role of Claire from the Daredevil series. Deadline was the first to report on this and released this statement:

"Like most comic book adaptations, the breakdown for Luke Cage features fake character names. I hear Rossi was cast to play the “Sonny” role, described as relentless and menacing, smooth and manipulative, street smart and controlling. I hear that in fact Rossi would be playing Luke Cage’s enemy Shades aka Alvarez, a well known criminal"- Nellie Andreeva

Theo Rossi's performance on Son's of Anarchy and one of my favorites to watch. There is little doubt that Rossi will do well and with Rosario Dawson reprising her role of Claire this show is definitely shaping up to be yet another hit for Marvel!

Mike Colter seems like the perfect man for Luke Cage, we'll find out when he makes his debut in Jessica Jones!

Luke Cage is expected to release November 2016


Are you excited for Marvel's Luke Cage?


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