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Hey Guys! Unrealized Thoughts! It's the Thought that counts!
Unrealized Thoughts

Hey guys! Let's talk pop culture for DC! Watch my video!

Ok, so I'll mention stuff I haven't mention on the video.

Lex Luthor

Even though I'm on the fence with Jesse Eisenberg as Luthor, he could surprise us.

"It's a really great character that's written by this guy, Chris Terrio, he's a phenomenal writer. He loves my character in the same way I love my character. He put a lot of work into it. It's a great character, there's an emotional core to the character. It's not this silly, villainous character. It was a great part."

-Jesse Eisenberg

I hope the character turns out great. There could be a certain connection with things that happened in Man of Steel!

Senator Finch

If you saw my video, then I have to put out a point... Finch being related to Lex Luthor could give him ties to the government and probably this might happen....

Maybe, just maybe! Let's talk about Suicide Squad!

The Batman mask is self explanatory. This Batman has been operating for 20 years and along the way, he has put away the members of Suicide Squad. There is a possibility Batman influenced pop culture. Do I need to talk about the obsession with tattoos?

I think not! Who knows... maybe they might take things further with pop culture. Maybe Superman and Wonder Woman can get some love. The introduction of Billy Batson can be him wearing a Superman shirt and his sister (Mary Marvel) wearing a Wonder Woman shirt! Anyway, that's it guys!

Remember, this is basically speculation! I'm not saying what I came up with is true.

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What do you think? Is DCEU taking on Pop Culture? Leave a comment below!

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