ByCrystal Benavente, writer at

Bring them back!!!I know that I wasn't even born when this was on but I watched the whole series on netflix and I loved is not like all the new crap directors are making !!!!!it is better and here is a creepy quincedence I was born the year the show ended and I still think the show is amazing....when I looked up friends reunion on YouTube I saw this video called "friends the movie" and I had a big smile on my face because I was so excited about it but when I started to research a little bit more I learned that the video was a fake. I learded that the person who made the video just combined parts of the cast of friends in a few scenes for a couple of minutes and I also learned that who ever made that video was a bad person who wanted to toy around with the fans of friends I would love it I f the cast of friends came back for a 1 hour episode or even a movie...well I think I made my point I rest my case.


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