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iZombie was the most surprising show of the last television season. It was a show about zombies solving crimes and it had a stupid name (it still is a stupid name). The promos didn't give it a lot of help. The only reason I even watched it was that it was a DC adaption and it came on after The Flash.

But, boy, was I glad that I tuned in. The first few episodes were finding its way, but when it did, it got good fast. The show made you care about the characters better than most other shows. And David Anders as a villain is always a fun time.

So, to get ready for the next season....

Here is Everything We Know About Season 2!

The Characters

Liv Moore

Liv ended last season in a bad place. Her roommate ran away from her. Her ex-fiance hated her. And she couldn't given her brother a blood transplant that might have saved his life. Yeah. Pretty tough spot to be in. So when the season starts up, you will find her trying to win her family back. And whether her brother is alive or not is still up in the air (I think he is). EP Rob Thomas Via E! Online:

It will have real repercussions next year. We know that the season two opening scene is going to be a really rough scene with her family. They do not understand the decision she made and it's kind of impossible for her to tell them.
We will not be seeing her first attempt to patch things up with her family. We'll be seeing like the eighth attempt to get back into their good graces.

As for her love life, Liv, once again, won't have one. Or maybe not. Now that Major knows what he would be getting into, he might want to start something up again. Thomas to Tvline:

Now that they both know, and Major knows what he’d be getting into, we’re toying with, could they try a romantic relationship in which no bodily fluids were exchanged? It’s sort of a great existential question of, could you have a romantic partner with whom the sexual limits were very, very strict? How would that go? We may explore that.

And you can expect some fun turns for brain eating Liv. Like a frat boy,an old man, and a Real House Wife. She'll also sing a little.

Oh, and Liv's fight against Max Rager will create some weird alliances. Thomas Via Collider:

...the head of Max Rager, saying, “We’re gonna take out all the zombies.” That is a big storyline for Season 2, and it may create some strange bedfellows. It puts Liv and Blaine on the same side. Liv was searching out Blaine for much of the season, so we couldn’t really play that many scenes with them. We got to have a couple episodes with them, at the beginning of the year, and then a couple quick scenes in the middle, but we want to get them on screen together, next season. So, making them uneasy allies for some of Season 2 is something we’re looking forward to.

Major Lilywhite

Major had quite the season. He lost his fiance, lost his job, lost his mind, killed a lot of zombies, became a zombie, found out Liv was a zombie, and then was cured. Yeah, quite a thirteen episodes for him. And it will definitely impact what he will be doing in season two. Thomas from Collider:

And there will be some fall-out from that. There will be side effects, next season, that will factor heavily into what Major is doing.

Major will obviously have some issues with Liv. She did a number on him. This is what Thomas's co-EP, Diane Ruggiero-Wright, told Hollywood Life in August:

In the beginning, he’s pissed. His life was completely upended in so many ways. He has all this stuff on himself that he feels she could have alleviated him of, and that’s not an easy thing to get over. He still has a legitimate gripe, and it’s going to take a little bit for him to get past it, rightfully, so we’re going to be honest about it.

Thomas has said that you will find out what Major's mission of season 2 in the season premiere.

Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti

Let's start with a video interview The CW has released.

Ravi will be trying to replicate the zombie cure. He will need to find more of Utopium, the drug that helped turn Liv. But it has to be the same batch that was at the boat party.

Thomas from Collider:

He won’t be pleased about that. He asked her pretty nicely not to do it. The thing he needs to be able to recreate the cure is this tainted Utopium that existed at the boat party, and that will become Ravi’s Holy Grail in Season 2. That will be the thing he is searching out and needs to find, if he wants to cure any more zombies. And we still don’t know what the fall-out will be. Is the cure permanent? Does it have side effects? Those things will come into play, as well.

Ravi may also spend a little time hanging out with Blaine. David Anders, Blaine's actor, spoke to MTV and had this to say:

“There’s some fun Blaine/Ravi stuff coming up,” he teased. “We called that Blavi. Rahul [Kohli] and I just did some fun stuff for episode 5. People are going to love that.”

And don't forget about his relationship with Peyton.

Clive Babineaux

Clive will be spending time solving crimes. He will also try to figure out what happened at Meat Cute during the season one finale. We'll also be finding out about his personal life, the one Liv wasn't sure he had. Thomas from Tvline:

There’s a joke in Season 2 where Liv says, “I didn’t even know you had a home life. I just think you went into your Detective Clive box at the end of the day.” But this year, we’re going to see a little bit of Clive’s home life… His white whale is trying to figure out what happened at Meat Cute. The police department has decided it happened one way, and Clive doesn’t agree with his peers, and between us and whoever you’re writing to, Clive is more right than the official story.

Clive will see a love interest, at least according to a tease during comic-con.

Don't expect Clive to find out Liv's secret in season 2. Thomas Via Collider:

It’s funny, how many years did Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane not know that Clark Kent was Superman, and yet, if I read Twitter, it feels like the audience all want Liv to tell everyone now. A lot of them reference Buffy, who had the gang doing all of that stuff with her, and I understand that, but I remain interested in the secret identity. I don’t think Liv wants to tell anyone she doesn’t have to.


Blaine is human!
Blaine is human!

Blaine is no longer the big bad zombie in town. But that doesn't mean he won't try to be the boss. Or a zombie. Yes, Blaine will try to full people into thinking he is still a zombie. And he will not be afraid of rubbing Liv's nose in the fact that he is human and she is not. And he will be eating a lot of good food.

In an interview with USA Today, Anders revealed what Blaine will be up when the show starts up:

The second-season premiere finds Blaine with what Anders calls “a fun new vocation”: director of a funeral home with the fantastic name Shady Plots Funerary. “We have no shame with the names, of businesses and/or characters.”

Anders has also talked about the potential side effects from the Zombie cure and other things that are happening for Blaine. Via CBR:

Producer Rob Thomas had mentioned there would be side effects for people that had been a zombie and now cured. We are playing with that in Season 2. I assumed he was going to remain on the wrong side of the law, or the right side depending how you looked at it. He does have a different vocation. His place went up in flames. I was excited to humanize him, quite literally, and that’s what we’re doing. He’s still a charmer.

People will also be introduced to his dad. Robert Knepper will take on the role of Angus, a “rich, accomplished businessman who has financially supported his disappointing son for years” (Tvline).

Other Characters

Liv's friend and roomate, Peyton, will be back. Thomas was sad that she couldn't be used more in the first season, but the actress was only a guest star so they couldn't have her more. Aly Michalka was a surprise guest at Comic-Con and had this to say:

"I couldn't leave Peyton hanging and not come back. How could I not come back? … I would like to learn more about Peyton in her personal life outside of being a roommate to Liv … see her relationship where Ravi goes."

And who can forget Steven Weber's head of Max Rager, Vaughn Du Clark. Yeah, he'll be back.

Adam Rose, Max from Veronica Mars, will play Byron McCoy, a sensitive hipster prone to wearing ironic t-shirts and passionate about the arts. Byron may have information on a recent murder.

Liv's dad will show up at some point during the season.

Andre Tricotex has been cast as one of Blaine's body guards. Former Los Angeles Lakers player Rick Fox will make a guest appearance during the second season.

When it airs, Story, and other details

When It Airs

Season 2 airs Tuesday, October 6, at 9 p.m. on The CW. The show was ordered for 13 episodes, however Thomas is hopeful that they might have a chance at another 9 to make season 2 a full 22 episodes.


Trailer Time!

Here is the synopsis for the season 2 premiere, titled "Grumpy Old LIv":

"Liv consumes the brains of a cantankerous old man to help gain insight into his death. After receiving an anonymous call on the tipster hotline, Liv and Detective Babineax (Malcolm Goodwin) stop by the residence of Byron Thistlewaite (Adam Rose), to question the mysterious caller. Meanwhile, Ravi suspects that Major might be experiencing a side effect of the cure, and Liv pays Blaine a surprise visit."

Other details

Thomas has said that there will be no more scenes at Meat Cute. That will stay blown up.

A few images from the the second episode.

A few more interviews from The CW.


You guys ready for season 2?


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