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Tyler Ourada of the world, set in the same universe, just play the new Mad Max game, and shut up. "Oh but Mad Max isn't in the same universe as The Last Of Us." Well it basically is. It has the same type of survival themes, just like The Last Of Us, Mad Max has a beautifully destroyed world with different factions scattered throughout the wastelands that you must contend with. Weather the Apocalypse was caused by killer mushrooms, or a nuclear war, the outcome is the same, total anarchy with humanity becoming like animals to survive. So really we don't need a Last Of Us spin off, because that already exists and it's called Mad Max the video game, or The Walking Dead, it's all the same really. Secondly, I am sick and tired of the argument that a continuation of Joel and Ellie's story, would ruin the first one. The first Last Of Us game will still exist, you can always go back and play it again, and get those same feels you did the first time playing it. The only way The Last Of Us 2 would ruin the first one, is if they said it didn't happen or didn't matter. Just because Joel and Ellie's story continues, doesn't mean what happened in the first game doesn't matter, because it still happened, and we would see how those event's affect them in the future. Continuing in the wold without them would kind of give the vibe that Joel and Ellie's story didn't matter, because it's basically saying, "let's just forget these guys, and look more into this world", what made The Last Of Us so great was the fact that it was more about Joel and Ellie's story, than it was about the rest of the world, changing the main characters would take away from that. Third, leaving the ending up to interpretation may work for something like Inception, but The Last Of Us does have something to continue from, we're not left to wonder if Joel and Ellie mad it out alive, and we're not meant to wonder if Joel let Marlene murder, yes I said murder, Ellie. Joel and Ellie are both alive, but their is that sliver of doubt with that final ok, what we are left to wonder, is if Ellie finds out the truth, and if Joel will ever gain Ellie's trust back. This is something that could lead to a sequel, it's something big enough that the audience would want to see what happened, but not so big that the ending is best left up to interpretation (like Inception). I think Ellie would forgive Joel. Ellie is not the type of person to old a grudge, or to seek revenge. Just look at the winter chapter for example. Not one point in that entire sequence does it become a revenge story (In most other games it would do just that), after escaping from the cannibals, Ellie's goal is not to hunt down David, but simply to escape, it's David that hunts her down. After that whole experience Ellie actually shows remorse for what she's done, even though it was in self defense, she feels bad about killing David, hinting that she kind of forgives him for what he tried to do to her. If she can forgive someone who tried to rape and murder her, I think she can forgive, a man she has come to view as a father for lying to her. I think she would realize that he saved her life (because he did save her life) and she would, after a while, come to understand what he did, and maybe even appreciate it.

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