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Welcome to Casting Call! Where we pick our favorite comic books and do some fantasy casting for them! This week, DC's Batman franchise!

With the upcoming Suicide Squad and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice films slated to hit in 2016 and a Batman solo film not yet scheduled, but a foregone conclusion, we decided to come up with our picks for the Bat-universe characters! With Ben Affleck/Batman, Jared Leto/Joker, Margot Robbie/Harley Quinn, Alfred/Jeremy Irons, Deadshot/Will Smith, and Killer Croc/Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje already cast we left them alone and focused on the rest. So away we go!

Dick Grayson/Nightwing - Chace Crawford

Crawford is mostly known from his roles in Gossip Girl, What To Expect When You're Expecting, Twelve, and The Covenant. He has yet to have strong role to make all his own, Dick Grayson would be it. He has the youth that DC likes in their heroes which makes him being able to play the role for multiple films a big upside. Wether DC would want his to portray Nightwing or just Grayson would be up in the air (we pick Nightwing) but either way he's finally in the DCCU. With some gym work and fight training there's no reason Crawford couldn't be the Dick Grayson we've all waited for.

Jason Todd/Red Hood - Jamie Bell

The one time Billy Elliot, Bell is now a hot up and coming actor in Hollywood. Since none of the cast from the Fantastic Four reboot will likely survive the fallout from that fiasco, Bell would be free to try one more time at a comic book movie. Playing Jason Todd, one of the more rebellious Robin's that Batman has had, wouldn't be too hard for him. Todd is a rebel, hot head, intelligent, brooding, and kind of an asshole. Along with the look Bell has the ability to really bring Todd to the big screen. Check out Bell in: Snowpiercer, Turn, Jumper, and The Eagle.

Tim Drake/Red Robin/Batman Beyond - Logan Lerman

Tim Drake, the lone Bat-Family member to find out who Batman really was through his detective skills before he became Robin. The most popular of the Robin's until Damian came around. Logan Lerman has the acting ability and charm to bring the beloved character to life. Lately though, Tim has gone from Robin to Red Robin to now Batman Beyond. Whichever version Lerman plays won't matter, he'll nail it. Check out Lerman in: Fury, The Three Musketeers, Percy Jackson, and Noah.

Damian Wayne/Robin - Asa Butterfield

The youngest and most imbalanced of the Robin's is Damian Wayne, Bruce's son raised by the Al Ghul's to be the next head of The League of Shadows. He's hot headed, impetuous, very intelligent, dangerous, and very much like his father. Butterfield has yet to play a role like this but we feel he'd be up to the task. He could very well land his own solo film if all goes right. For more of Butterfield: Ender's Game, 10,000 Saints, and Hugo.

Barbara Gordon/Batgirl - Rose Leslie

Rose Leslie proved in Game of Thrones that she could kick major ass and not let the men have all the fun. She held her own with the much bigger men and sometimes overshadowed them. That's our Batgirl. Barbra Gordon has had a few incarnations on various tv shows but never on the big screen. Leslie is young enough and tough enough to play the fan favorite heroine. See more of Leslie in: Luther, The Great Fire, and the upcoming Last Witch Hunter.

Kate Kane/Bat-Woman - Jessica Chastain

We could think of no one better to bring Kate Kane to life other than Jessica Chastain. She's a phenomenal actress and has yet to really stretch those action abilities. The Bat-Woman is a more feared fighter than her predecessor and primarily works independently of Batman, thus enabling her to have a solo franchise all her own. However, introducing her via the Batman film would be her best way into the DCCU. Chastain can be seen in: Lawless, Zero Dark Thirty, Interstellar, and A Most Violent Year.

Julia Pennyworth - Paula Patton

Alfred's daughter and new voice in Batman's ear, Julia, takes up where Oracle and Alfred once were mainstays. Her military knowledge and bravery make her a great asset to Bats. Plus she can kick some ass if needed. Paula Patton has the look and could pull off this role perfectly. Don't believe us? Check out: Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, 2 Guns, and Mirrors.

Selina Kyle/Catwoman - Kate Beckinsale

The catsuit needs to be properly filled out and there needs to be a certain amount of sexy and danger behind those goggles; Kate Beckinsale is a no brainer. She's sexy, smart, and can fight. There's not much to say about this other than, make it so! See more of Becks in: Underworld franchise, Total Recall, Van Helsing, Vacancy, and White Out.

Harvey Dent/Two-Face - Patrick Dempsey

We need someone with the ability to play a really likeable guy and the chops to play a psychopath. Patrick Dempsey is the man for the job. He played likeable in several parts and very mildly played a bad guy. He's due for a part that will allow him to do both, Two-Face is that part. Dempsey can be seen in: Grey's Anatomy, Transformers Dark of the Moon, Flypaper, Made of Honor, and Freedom Writers.

Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin - Jack Black

Jack Black as The Penguin. Need we say more? Didn't think so. Find Jack in: School of Rock, King Kong. Orange County, Nacho Libre, Bernie, and Kung-Fu Panda.

Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy - Laura Prepon

A dangerous, sexy, red-head, where would we find one of those? Oh yeah! Laura Prepon! The enigmatic Prepon has played funny, snarky, bitchy, smart, the girl next door, and the femme fatale. She has yet to play the conflicted villain. Ivy needs a lady capable of drawing out her good side when needed and Prepon can deliver. See her in: Orange is the New Black, That 70's Show, Karla, and Lightning Bug.

Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow - Tom Mison

Going from playing one Crane to another is coincidental, but Mison is good enough actor to play the part, but not big enough that DC couldn't lock him into multiple movies. This would give Mison a chance to stretch those bad guy legs he has yet to debut. Look for Mison in: Sleepy Hollow, Lost in Austen, Dead Cat and Venus.

Bane - Joe Manganiello

We were looking for a big imposing figure to take on the tough job of filling Tom Hardy's shoes, Manganiello has the imposing stature down and he's not a bad actor to boot. See more of Joe in: Magic Mike, True Blood, and Sabotage.

Thomas Elliot/Hush - Edward Burns

Hush is a newer addition to the Batman mythos, yet one of the more dangerous ones. A childhood friend of Bruce Wayne who grew up envious of him, Elliot carved out a name for himself and became wealthy in his own right. He eventually became Batman's nemesis Hush and even went as far as to get cosmetic surgery done to look like Bruce. So we went for someone who could play the bad guy, was around Affleck's age, and looks somewhat like him as well. Ed Burns is not only a great actor but he fits the rest of what we need too. See Burns in: Public Morals, Saving Private Ryan, 15 Minutes, She's The One, and Alex Cross.

Jervis Tetch/Mad Hatter - Russell Brand

Crazy and someone that Batman would underestimate by his looks alone, Russell Brand could easily and convincingly play the crazed Arkham inmate. Brand has yet to play a traditional villain and this could be his breakout role. See Brand in: Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him to The Greek, Arthur, Rock of Ages, and The Tempest.

Kirk Langstrom/Man-Bat - Bill Moseley

The role would be mostly CGI and MoCap but Moseley not only looks like Langstrom but can play crazy. No brainer here. Find Moseley in: House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects, Halloween, and Repo the Genetic Opera.

Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze - Billy Zane

Zane could play tragic genius-bad guy in his sleep. Slap some red goggles and a glass helmet on him and he is Mr. Freeze, just sign him already. Zane has been in: Titanic, The Phantom, Tombstone, Demon Knight, The Believer, and about a thousand other movies!

Edward Nygma/The Riddler - Justin Kirk

Having already played Hal Jordan/Green Lantern in the DC animated film Justice League: War, he's no stranger to comic roles. Kirk has the smile and charm to play the Riddler. Check him out in: Weeds, Animal Practice, Tyrant, and Nobody Walks.

Ra's Al Ghul - Viggo Mortensen

Viggo as a bad guy!? Yes. He is a fantastic actor and would be amazing at playing Batman's evil quasi-father figure and grandfather to Damian Wayne. We really don't need to sell you on why Viggo should get this part do we? See Viggo in: The Lord of The Rings trilogy, Eastern Promises, A History of Violence, The Road, Appaloosa, and G.I. Jane.

Talia Al Ghul - Emily Blunt

One of two women who have stolen Batman's heart (Catwoman being the other), the mother of Damian Wayne, and daughter of one of his greatest enemies, Emily Blunt would be great in the role of the conflicted heiress to the Al Ghul empire. See Blunt in: Edge of Tomorrow, Into the Woods, The Adjustment Bureau, and Looper.

Lazlo Valentin/Professor Pyg - Albert Brooks

Albert brooks hasn't had much opportunity to play a bad guy but when he did he knocked it out of the park. Brooks would be absolutely creepy as the head of the Circus of Strange. See Brooks in: Drive, A Most Violent Year, This is 40, Weeds, and Broadcast News.

Cassius Payne/Clayface - Geno Segers

There have been many incarnations of Clayface in Batman but we'll go with the Cassius Payne version of him. The offspring of two earlier Clayfaces, Payne has the ability of both his parents and is one of Batman's more formidable foes. Segers has the perfect voice for when in Clayface mode and the look for when he appears in human form. See more of Segers in: Banshee, Teen Wolf, Longmire, and Bone Tomahawk.

Victor Zsasz - Ben Foster

A serial killer who keeps tally of his kills with hash marks in his skin, Mr. Zsasz is insane. Showing no remorse for what he does, he has remained a constant thorn in the side of Batman. Ben Foster is a great actor who can play crazy easily. See Foster in: Appaloosa, 30 Days of Night, Alpha Dog, The Mechanic, and Hostage.

Dr. Hugo Strange - John Malkovich

Batman's very first villain has had a recent resurgence in popularity thanks to the Arkham series of video games. To play the mad doctor is none other than John Malkovich. Another no brainer and lock for the role. Malkovich can be seen in: Con Air, Red, Knock Around Guys, In the Line of Fire, Burn After Reading, and Rounders as well as many many more movies.

Roman Sionis/Black Mask - Michael Pitt

The mob boss with the skull mask and a penchant for killing those who disagree with him, Black Mask is one of the few people that can financially go toe to toe with Wayne. We needed someone who can play calm and dangerous, Michael Pitt is perfect. See Pitt in: Boardwalk Empire, Funny Games, I Origins, Rob The Mob, and Seven Psychopaths.

Lincoln March/Owlman - Michael C. Hall

Playing the role of Bruce Wayne's hereto unknown brother, Lincoln March and the latest Owlman is Michael C Hall. Hall can play dangerous just under the surface. He has the build and the mean streak to play Bruce's jealous brother. Also Hall played a Kirk Langstrom version of Batman in DC's animated Justice League: Gods and Monsters. Hall can be seen in: Dexter, Six Feet Under, Gamer, and Kill Your Darlings.

Thomas Wayne/Owlman (Earth 3) - Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Now this one is a little tricky. In the Batman vs Superman trailer we can see a glimpse of JDM playing the role of Thomas Wayne already so therefore we know he's already cast in the DCCU. Since we know that in two other realities Thomas Wayne becomes Batman and Owlman we could easily have JDM play either of those roles. Though we'd prefer he play the villainous Owlman from Earth 3. It would have such an impact having Bruce have to fight his own father. Morgan can be seen in: Watchmen, The Losers, Magic City, The Resident, and Red Dawn.

Morgan Ducard/Nobody - Chiwetel Ejiofor

The jealous former friend of Bruce Wayne, Morgan Ducard, is one of Batman's few African American supporting characters/villains, therefore we need a pretty hefty name to play him. Ejiofor has the ability and the presence to play Bruce's one time training partner. Ducard was always jealous of the attention his father gave Bruce over him and sought to destroy Bruce to appease his father after Bruce left them over ideological differences. See more of Ejiofor in: Four Brothers, 12 Years a Slave, 2012, Salt, and American Gangster.

Prometheus - Jensen Ackles

One of the only people to single handedly defeat the Justice League, Prometheus even bested Batman in hand to hand combat. The cocky, vengeful, son of criminals who were killed in front of him, should be played by someone younger who would have a chip on his shoulder. Ackles could do it, heck he's already played Jason Todd in a DC animated Batman movie. Prometheus also went on to menace other heroes as well, so he could be a cross movie villain. See Ackles in: Supernatural, Smallville, My Bloody Valentine, and Batman Under the Red Hood.

William Cobb/Talon - Ian Somerhalder

One of Batman's toughest baddies so far has been the Court of Owls champion and fist, Talon. There are, and have been, many Talon's over time but the William Cobb one is the latest and most vicious. Having nearly killed Batman, this undead villain is almost unbeatable. We needed someone who wouldn;t have to talk much but just fight. Somerhalder is a good fit due to his physical likeness to Cobb, and should they need him to say a few words he can do that too.

Do you agree with our choices? Who would you cast in these roles? Let us know in the comment section!


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