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Their is a lot of debate about the sequel to the critically acclaimed game, The Last Of Us. Many fans would love to see a return of the beloved characters Joel and Ellie, and would love to see just how their story ends. If you don't know how The Last Of Us ends, hear it is.

Some fans feel this should be the end of Joel and Ellie's story. Others feel that Naughty Dog could make a sequel with all new characters but in the same universe, that it would be a shame for the lore of The Last Of Us to end with Joel and Ellie.

TLOU 2 Without Joel or Ellie?
TLOU 2 Without Joel or Ellie?

The Last Of Us needs Joel and Ellie

The argument that the world of The Last of Us has so much potential beyond Joel and Ellie, would be a good argument, except for the fact that The Last Of Us is not about that. What made The Last Of Us so special, is that it was a very grounded story, and a very simple one, just get from point A to point B. It's the character development, and the bond Joel and Ellie make along the way that, makes this game stand out among this hugely over saturated genre of apocalypse games.

TLOU 2 with Joel or Ellie, better
TLOU 2 with Joel or Ellie, better

If Joel and Ellie's story could continue, I think they absolutely should. Personally I think the story should fallow Ellie as she grows up, if a sequel is made, it should show us how Ellie copes with the events of the first game. I would like to see what type of a person she becomes as a result of what she has been through, I would like to see what new relationships she forms over the years. I've heard some argue that if we get a continuation "we know exactly what the story would be. the Fireflies, or some other group, kidnaps Ellie, and Joel needs to save her", but I call BS on that. I guarantee that would not be the plot at all. There is very little chance that a continuation of the story would involve Ellie being kidnapped or becoming a damsel in distress in any way. Ellie has proven to be a capable survivor, who can easily become the face of this franchise.

Some argue that the plot choices for continuing Ellie's story is very limited, but I say it isn't. We have no idea what is in store for a character as well realized as Ellie, in a world as unpredictable as The Last Of Us.

What if Ellie decided to fallow in Joel's footsteps and become a smuggler, this would give her (and also the player) a reason to further explore the world. Maybe she could come across a town torn apart by two warring factions (neither of whom being the fireflies) and she get's wrapped up in a war that's not her's. That would be something different, it would continue Ellie's story, and it would be something the fans would love to see. Ellie is a character with a lot of potential, more so than the world alone.

It would truly be a shame if that potential is not realized. And yes the lore of The Last Of Us, should end with Joel and Ellie, because The Last Of Us is as much Joel and Ellie's story, as Uncharted is Nathan Drake's story.

What about you guys, were do you think Ellie's story can go?


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