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with all the movies that are coming out due to video games such as Warcraft, Assassins Creed and yes even Angry birds. I figured i would bring to light the video games that have been over looked for film possibilities.

First lets look at Kingdom Hearts.

First it would give Disney a chance to enter that particular race. Kingdom Hearts meshes the final fantasy world with the disney world. There are seven games to the series and has sold 25 million units.

Now second lets look at Infamous.

The Story of Cole a bike messenger who gains superpowers when the Ray Sphere explodes. He teams up with his pal Zeke and FBI agents trying to get to the bottom of everything while cleaning up the streets. Now you could also make a sequel to it and not based off the second game but based off the third game Infamous Second Son.

Now at this point Cole is dead and conduits are being hunted and Delsin Rowe who grabs a conduit convict absorbs his powers and becomes one of the hunted. so Delsin and his brother Reggie head to seatle to fight off the D.U.P and their Director Brooke Augistine.

Now finally i save the best for last.

DMC:Devil May Cry who follows Dante a Nephilim father's a demon and mother's an angel and his brother Virgil who band together to fight the demon king Mundus.


what movie would you like to see happen


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