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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Marvel is continuing to shake things up internally within their movie studio. Earlier this week Kevin Feige was reportedly told he will no longer take orders from Issac Perlmutter of Marvel Entertainment and will go directly to Chief Of Walt Disney Studios Alan Horn. Well, new information has been released that suggest that Marvel's Creative Committee for Marvel's films has been disbanded. It is unclear what Disney and Marvel have planned, but they are definitely heading in a more independent direction.

What is the Marvel Creative Committee?

The Marvel Creative Committee is a group of Marvel Comic's writers and executives that provide suggestions to the filmmakers and attempt to keep the films as true to the comics as possible. The committee included very proven industry alums such as writer Brian Michael Bendis, publisher Dan Buckley, and CCO Joe Quesada. The committee was key in providing the filmmakers with elements of the characters to make them feel as authentic to the comics as possible, and without them who knows what will happen.

What does this mean for the MCU?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is under new management and we may be in for some changes. Kevin Feige and other executives at Marvel Studios feel as if they are able to handle all upcoming Marvel films from here on out. I'm not 100% sure that disbanding this committee is necessarily a great idea, but Kevin Feige does know his stuff, so we will have to wait and see. Since Marvel Studios is technically an independent studio at this point, Phase 3 will bring along the task of Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios proving themselves to the world. Hopefully everything works out as we ease into Phase 3 and Marvel can still provide quality films from here on out!


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