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Dan King

Ok, so lately I've been watching a load of anime shows since an 11-year old kid on a train talked me into watching Attack on Titan, and one that I had always been meaning to take a look was Death Note. So, lat week I sat down every evening and watched it and... Wow.

It was amazing. The story was great, the characters were great, the writing was great (with this being the only show other than Hannibal to get me routing for a psychopathic murderer, in fact I think Hannibal season 1 was probably influenced in some way by this show, at least when it comes to the genius/twisted relationship between Will and Hannibal drawing parallels with Light and L).

The animation was great too, and the soundtrack was also pretty decent (with the exception of the unbearable second, "screamo-style", theme tune). The intrigue of the story and these two genius minds working against one another just pulled me into the story, and even when the show took risks by killing off characters who you thought it would want to stay alive for stor purposes, the writers were able to make the aftermath of that character's death into an even more interesting plot (e.g. through the introduction of Near).

I'd probably say that it's VERY slightly better than Last Exile or Guilty Crown, and maybe even as good as Attack on Titan, but I'm not 100% sure on that one. Either way I'd highly recommend it.


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