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So, a couple of weeks back I watched the anime show Guilty Crown, and in all honesty I think it was very very good, but at times in the earlier 8 ish episodes the story was slightly confusing and it took 2 episodes to start making sense.

The animation was excellent in quality, being made by Production I.G., the same company who did much of the work on Attack on Titan, though at times it was disturbingly reminiscent of Kampfer in terms of imagery (if you haven't seen Kampfer, DON'T, disembowled animals will such your brains out!)

Fortunately, unlike Kampfer the characters are very well written and well developed and the story gets more and more interesting as it goes along, especially after about episode 9. It also has one of the greatest villains I have ever seen in an animated series, Major Segai, who is kind of like what would happen if Bumi from Legend of Korra were to suddenly and inexplicably turn really really evil. You don't really get to see how evil he is until Episode 19, but it's worth the wait for how freaking awesome this character becomes.

While I can't really comment on the Japanese voice cast as I watched the FUNimation dub, I will say that the American cast were great, with Shu' voice actor Austin Tindle really shining out with his performance, and with John Swasey providing Segai with an amazingly twisted voice that I won't be getting out of my head for a while. My only real problem with the FUNimation dub is that for some odd reason, the sound quality was kind of tinny/echoey occasionally, which is very odd for them (maybe they were trying out a new microphone or something, I can only guess, but it didn't really affect the experience).

Like the two Last Exile series, it ended on a rather bittersweet note, but that doesn't mean that it wasn't still epic and worth the wait, even if you probably will end up crying a bit. Overall, I'd highly recommend it, but I'd encourage patience throughout the first few episodes.


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