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The Flash and Arrow have showed us that you don't have to leap over tall buildings or drive an awesome car named after a rodent with wings to hold center stage. These great shows have risen to become the leaders of the CW TV lineup-and one major element to this success is the CW women.

Team Arrow incorporates some of the most compelling female characters on superhero TV today. They hold their own alongside the men and have such awesome story-lines that you can't help but be captured by them.

These female superheroes are never excluded from the action and are always in the center of the biggest battles on CW/DC TV. So with that said, lets talk about what we can expect with these bad ass ladies!

One of those interesting stories on the CW is the evolution of Laurel Lance as the Black Canary. Taking over the mantle for her fallen sister- she is building an impressive resume of her own. Laurel has taken some serious hits on the field when Oliver was absent but held her own when it counted.

This year we're bound to see her capable of taking on more of a load, with sharpened hand to hand fighting skills and a upgraded canary cry-Lauren is going to pick it up.

This will all lead up to the inevitable meeting between the Black Canary of today and the first Canary. DC Legends of Tomorrow has revealed the return of Sara Lance as the White Canary.

Everyone remembers how bad ass Sara Lance was as the original Black Canary. A disciple of the League and a true killer, it will be interesting how Sara deals with the truth behind her death and the fact that the author of thus is now Ra's Al-Ghul. There is a long road ahead for Sara Lance and a looming battle alongside the Legends against Vandal Savage.

Of course, Nyssa will play an important role in Sara's resurrection as she will burden the responsibility of recanting the events after Sara's death. Someone has to convince Sara not to kill Thea after all. Out of all the women on the show Nyssa has the potential to be the deadliest of them all. She is still upper echelon of the league of assassins, and she was the teacher for both of the Canary sisters.

And talking about Ms. Thea, her tale this upcoming season may well be the most interesting of all. It was said that when you return to life through the Lazarus pit, you come back...changed.

Now that she's a full fledged member of Team Arrow, how will this change affect her on the field? Will she reveal the true nature of her person? She is the daughter of Malcolm Merlyn after all. There is no question her skills and how well Thea comes off as a vigilante will be judged by the fans. It won't be easy to erase the party girl trouble maker image we've been accustomed to on the show.

Now that brings us to Felicity Smoak, who from what the new Arrow Season 4 trailer tells us-is VERY happy with her current life. Finally achieving the life she wished for with Oliver at her side, expect to see Felicity play more of an anchor role for Oliver and Team Arrow.

Now this season on the FLASH will be an interesting one for Iris West and Caitlin Snow. After learning the truth about Barry and losing her love Eddie-Iris West is in a awkward place in her life. Although she dies harbor love for Barry, it wasn't enough to turn away from the tragic central city detective who sacrificed his life to end the threat of the Reverse Flash.

Obviously Barry and Iris share a special bond and we can expect to see this evolve if the writers stay true to the canon of the Flash. According to an article posted on Tech Times, Iris West will have a more expanded role in Team Flash, stepping in a leadership role left absent by the death of Harrison Wells.

Now Caitlin Snow will be a character to keep an eye on. Ever since fans saw a glimpse of her as the villain Killer Frost during Barry's run through the speed force induced time travel-it's been a hot topic amongst the faithful.

And Danielle Panabaker isn't shying away from the topic either. She is also clamoring for the opportunity to bring one of DC's most notorious villains to life, in what can be a very tragic story-line between her and Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm.

There is a lot to look forward to next month when Arrow and Flash return to the CW, and the women of these shows will play such a huge part that don't be surprised that we hear more about the ladies than the men.


Which female bad ass is your favorite?


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