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Matt B

Hi everyone. I am really happy to now be back writing about Marvel movies and news. I just finished watching every Marvel Cinematic Universe movie and I made a theory. Here it is, bear with me.

Ok, the first part of my theory takes place in Captain America's first film. Red Skull was presumably killed by the Tesseract and was never to be seen again. I believe he isn't dead, but somewhere else.

There is no way Marvel would let him be a one and done villian in this universe. I think he wasn't killed, but absorbed by the Tesseract. He was transported into space as seen in his final moments. He was brought into the quantum realm in the cube. Just like Ant Man showed us, it is hard to get out of that place. I hope this explains how he survived in space while being trapped in the cube. So that leaves him, let's move on.

The second part revolves around fan favorite, Loki. At the end of Thor: The Dark World, he is seen ruling over Asgard pretending to be Odin. The cube is now in his possession. We know that Loki had no problem working for Thanos and will gladly help him destroy the Earth. If Thanos needs the cube, he will probably ask for Loki to be by his side as well.

Ronan, he had the same odd case as Red Skull. Everyone thought he was killed by Peter Quill's distraction, and that he was never to be seen again. I encourage you all to watch the final moment with Ronan and see what really happens. He is again absorbed into the Orb. He is still there, waiting to get his revenge. Keep all these villians in mind.

The final piece is Ultron. He kicked so much ass in Age of Ultron that I didn't want it to stop. He was unfortunately defeated by his counterpart, The Vision. Vision "destroyed" the final form of Ultron. I believe Marvel didn't show what actually happened for a reason. I think Vision kept Ultron inside the Soul Stone and wants to see if he can change him. Ultron is probably a piece of Vision now.


There it is. Thanos really wants this beauty to be complete. He will eventually have to get his hands on all the stones and when he does he will have transfer thier powers into the gauntlet. I think when goes to do this, all of the villains trapped inside the stones will be released from the stones and will be forced to work for him. They will want to help Thanos beat the heroes who stopped them already. Just imagine this team, Thanos, Red Skull, Ultron, Ronan and Loki. He will be one tough titan to beat. I am still wondering if Thanos will just kill Ronan because he betrayed him in Guardians of the Galaxy. Just a thought.

There is my theory. I really hope this is how it pans out. Now you guys are probably either thinking, "This guy is insane and overthinks things way to much" or " It is so crazy, it just might work"! Hope it is the second thought I cannot wait for Infinity War and everthing else before it, thanks for reading. Let me know in the comments what you think will happen.



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