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Fans of Arrow and Olicity were thrilled with the season three finale, when Oliver and Felicity drove off into the sunset together at the end of "My Name Is Oliver Queen".

It seems that the couple have finally found some happiness, as they head out into the big wide world to do some travelling, leaving Starling City in the capable hands of the rest of Team Arrow.

While we know that Oliver and Felicity will eventually have to return to Starling City (Oliver has to don that amazing new suit and become the Green Arrow!), it seems that they may have had a good few months of a reprieve from crime fighting.

Yesterday, producer Marc Guggenheim tweeted some of the charming pairs' vacation photos, along with an unexpected guest on their romantic trip...

That's Guggenheim himself peering out from the background - clearly they enjoy a joke on the Arrow set!

While these are obviously not going to appear in the show itself, versions of these sans-producer will be appearing somewhere. Perhaps Oliver and Felicity are still travelling when we return to Starling, and send the team some photos of their adventures? Or, when Oliver is back in his Arrow suit kicking ass, will he be looking at these and fondly remembering that brief time where the weight of the world didn't rest on his shoulders?

If nothing else, these are just absolutely adorable, and give Olicity fans something to look forward to seeing when Arrow returns next month. I love seeing the two of them looking so happy, even if I doubt it'll last for long...

Arrow Season Four begins October 7th


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