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David Damato

Not all comic book games are based off of actual stories. Some games create the stories or they are released to coinside with the said video game release. But what if they were to hit the big screen? That would honestly be a comic geeks wet dream if they are a gamer.

So lets start this off with one of my favorite fighting games created by the makers of Mortal Kombat Netherrealm Studios Injustice.

Now the story starts off in another earth where the joker sets off a nuke in metropolis killing everyone in it. And the trigger was superman, and in turn turning superman into a mad man seeking justice to no end. Batman calls for help sending over another earths heroes while also sending over The Joker. In my opinion would make for a kick ass movie. you could use multiple passed and current actors to play the heroes.

My next Pick for a movie would be Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

When Dr.Doom and other Marvel Villains go to attack shield Nick fury call on the Avengers and other heroes to help shield defeat the villains. Now i know it would be missing some heroes and villains but with the proper story and leader ship of Kevin Feige working the helm now i am sure he could work some magic bringing the franchise to full force.

My next pick is probably by far one of my favorite games. Spider-man Shattered Dimensions.

It brings in four different Spider-Men and it would be the first time you would see Spider-Man 2099 on the big screen. The story is about an artifact known as the Tablet of Order is Shattered during a battle with Mysterio and Madam Web calls for the help of the Multiverse of the Spider-Men. A great game along with a great story.

Now finally my favorite game of all time Batman Arkham series.

It would be able to be filmed as a trilogy or just a solo flick pending on how the rest of the new DCU films take off. In my opinion one of the best games in the hisory of gaming to date. A side from Super Mario Bros, it raised the bar.

Let me know in the comments below what you think.


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