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Major News Podcast Lovers . The Real Whovians Cast Has Just Become Popular Podcast On The Internet. Yes it is True The Real Whovians Cast Lead By The New York Author Matrixlord212 has Just As of September 2nd Became the Most Viewed Podcast On Youtube Matrixlord had this To Say About it "We At the RWC Are Honored to be making podcasts for you everyday , stay tuned for more Everything shows and Topic wonders Take care and Bye for Now". For Those who don't know of the rwc here is a rundown

  • MatrixLord212

He is The Leader of The Group Who Loves Doctor Who and Pizza . He Is A Really Cool Guy . He Also Goes By His Nickname ''The Troll Hunter''

  • Mike D

Mike is A Total Badass and is known for his great Humor. Mike Also Love To Call out Bullshit When He See it. Mike is A person We Should All Look Up To.

  • Gloria

Gloria Is The Kindest person You Will Meet . She Is Known For Her Love Of The Character River Song

  • Connor Farley

Connor is known To Be Mike's Best Friend . He is Known to Spoil Doctor Who And For His Chatchphrase ''shiiiit''

Other members include Albert,David,James,JoeMax, and others


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