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Moviepilot has been one of my favorite websites for a long time. It is an awesome place where I can voice my thoughts and opinions on my favorite movies and shows. I stumbled upon the MP Community Post to apply to the MoviepilotU program very randomly and was very please to find out that I got in. Now that I have finished the program, I feel that MPU has been one of the best experiences of my life and here is why...

I have become a better writer

Me before MPU
Me before MPU

Before the MPU program I had about 16,000 views. That was a decent amount because I did not really write that often. After the program I now have over 88,000 views and that number is still growing.

I have been forced out of my comfort zone and created posts I never thought I would be able to write. From lists to fan castings to quizzes, I have had some very successful posts reaching over 20,000 views!

One of my most successful posts ever!
One of my most successful posts ever!

Although writing a total of 30 posts over 6 weeks seems extremely difficult, it is a great way to force yourself to be creative. The times where I struggled for topics always ended up in some of my most interesting and successful posts!

Thanks to the weekly video lessons and the extremely helpful mentors I can now say that I am very confident in my writing.

I feel more like a part of the MP community

One thing that I love about Moviepilot is how many people there are that (sometimes) share your views on the endless topics written about on the website. Through MPU I have been able to interact with other people in the program as well as staff from the website itself. The MPU mentors played a huge role in my success in this program as they were extremely helpful in giving feedback on my posts as well as encouraging me to keep writing great posts! I have also had numerous posts end up on Moviepilot's various Facebook pages which has been a tremendous help in getting reads on my posts!

You should apply for MPU!

This program can only help you grow your blog and become a better writer! I highly encourage you to apply!


Are you going to apply?


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