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On occasion of Marc Webb’s recent birthday, I thought it’d be fun to look at a few directors who originated from the music industry and see how their careers have shaped up and what their future prospects are. Choices are completely based on personal preference of directors I follow and thought would be the most fun to write about.

1) Marc Webb

Much has been said and discussed about Marc Webb and his most recent films. After having directed music videos for various acts such as Green Day, AFI, Incubus and Miley Cyrus – Marc made his film debut with 500 Days of Summer. I loved that film and count it among the best romantic comedies/dramas I’ve ever seen. A young Joseph Gordon Levitt gave us a convincing and compelling performance portraying a very relatable character effortlessly. The whole movie felt genuine and incredibly authentic, it was well shot and acted and great attention for detail.

Marc Webb’s delicate and masterful handling of relationships clearly carried through well to the Amazing Spider-Man films as Peter and Gwen’s arcs and moments were among the best parts of those films. It is entirely possible that Marc Webb could have offered us better Spidey films if it wasn’t for Sony’s assistance to morph them in to a cinematic universe. Regardless, I found them both entertaining and would have loved to see an Amazing Spider-Man 3. While Marc Webb has no movies lined up as of right now, something's bound to come along and I bet he returns to a smaller scale project along the lines of his debut film.

Marc's notable music videos include: 3 Doors Down - Duck and Run, AFI - The Days of the Phoenix, 3 Doors Down - Here Without You, Green Day - Waiting, All American Rejects - Move Along

2) David Fincher

David Fincher, who recently celebrated his 53rd birthday, also transitioned to film from music. Arguably one of the most successful and influential directors working in the industry today, Fincher’s last release Gone Girl was a critical and commercial smash hit. He’s had a great record with films such as Fight Club, The Social Network and Se7en being among his most noted works. His films have been nominated for and have won numerous awards on countless occasions. He’s personally among my favorite directors right behind Christopher Nolan and I’m always excited to see what he’ll do next.

My personal favourite film of his is The Social Network since I think it's a brilliantly written and modern day drama that’s anchored by phenomenal central performances. It’s a film I visit at least once a year and I have no intention of cutting that habit anytime soon. While David Fincher hasn't announced his next directorial venture yet, he’s signed on to do some television with HBO. Unfortunately, the latest news on that front is that two of the three shows he was signed on to are supposedly “dead”. Expect to hear more on this in weeks to come.

David's more popular music videos include: Madonna - Vogue, Michael Jackson - Who is it?, Foreigner - Say You Will, The Rolling Stones - Love is Strong and more recently, Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z - Suit and Tie

3) Zack Snyder

The man who’s arguably got the most on the line in the coming months started off with music videos as well. From working with Soul Asylum and Peter Murphy, Zack Snyder now finds himself orchestrating battles between Superman and Batman. I do not remember the last time one man had so much accountability and responsibility. Despite the mixed feelings associated with Man of Steel, Warner Bros chose to trust Zack and his vision for the larger DC cinematic universe. The fans are waiting with bated breath and can’t wait to see two of the most iconic characters of all time share space the silver screen for the first time. The studio in question, Warner Bros, has been hurting since the Harry Potter films and Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy wrapped up. After another lackluster summer/year so far, they need these films to work to regain their position and compete with the likes of Disney and Universal.

Every decision Zack Snyder has made in the last two years has been dissected under a magnifying glass by millions and people haven’t held back criticism. I was among the few that actually really liked Man of Steel and can’t wait for Batman v Superman. While Zack Snyder was initially dismissed as someone having a flair for style over substance, I believe he’s really worked to change that with Watchmen and the first half of Man of Steel. He’s worked tirelessly and given it his all, and only a few months remain until we can assess whether it’s all paid off.

Zack Snyder's more prominent music videos include Peter Murphy - You're so Close, Soul Asylum - Somebody to Shove and more recently, My Chemical Romance - Desolation Row

Now of course, there are many additions that can be made to this list – all the way from Spike Jonze to Michael Bay. To write in depth about them all would be more than I can currently write and probably more than you’d want to read in one go. That being said, I encourage you to leave in the comments any views on any of the mentioned directors or any others that fall in the same category!


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