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Along with film and television, video-games are another important part of my life. I was six years old when my Dad brought me a PlayStation One as a reward for helping him out in the office with photocopying and faxing during my vacations. Crash Bandicoot 2 was the first game I ever played and from thereon, there was no turning back. At nine, I got a PlayStation 2. At fourteen, I was gifted a PlayStation 3 and at nineteen I made the jump to the latest generation, the PlayStation 4. While the PlayStation 4 has had many great games so far and has many still to come in 2015 – I thought it’d be fun to take a look at my most anticipated games of next year.

3) Horizon: Zero Dawn

I attended the PlayStation E3 experience screening at my local cinema and watched the entire event with hundreds of fans. While Sony had a bunch of mic drops with The Last Guardian and Shenmue 3, the one game that really stood out to me was the one that had the least hype going in. Horizon: Zero Dawn looked beautiful, and had an intriguing premise along with what looked like some incredible combat mechanics. Guirella games are a trusted developer and if they can pull this off with the same finesse and polish as the Killzone games, we may have a real winner on our hands! While we've seen apocalyptic themed games before, this one truly looks capable of standing out from the crowd and delivering a unique and memorable experience in an immersive world. If successful, Horizon: Zero Dawn could be a potential franchise starter which is what Sony needs since their star player, Nathan Drake is set to retire soon after his final adventure.

2) Mass Effect: Andromeda

I never played Mass Effect. I played Mass Effect 2 and 3 on the PlayStation 3 and they were among the most engaging video-game experiences I've ever had. I would lose myself for hours at end in the adventures of Captain Shepard and the Normandy. I am also quite sure that at one point I was more invested in this universe than in real life. While I wasn't completely satisfied with the ending, I also didn't find it terrible like many did. I always wanted more Mass Effect as I felt that the universe was so rich and finely detailed that it’d be a shame to not have more stories set in it. While the E3 trailer for Mass Effect 4: Andromeda didn’t reveal much, it looked pretty amazing with various regions to explore, gorgeous landscapes to gawk at and of course so many great action set pieces to be a part of. I hope I don’t have any important college or work related projects on when this game comes out because I plan to jump right in and disappear!

1) Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Playing this game is going to be an emotional roller-coaster. The Uncharted franchise is one I've played through multiple times and never gotten bored of. All three of the prior games were amazing. Likeable characters, engaging stories and jaw dropping set pieces set this franchise apart from any other. Admittedly, similar to Batman: Arkham Knight – feelings associated with this game are bitter-sweet. It’s always hard saying goodbye to a game franchise you love and accepting that there won’t be further instalments for it. Unlike with film, games don’t very often get “reboots” quickly and when we say goodbye to Nathan Drake next year, it’s going to be goodbye for a long, long time. Every trailer so far has looked brilliant, every added feature has been welcomed and the addition of Nathan’s brother who’ll be portrayed by voice work legend Troy Baker has only added to the anticipation. The game was supposed to come out this year and no one complained when it got delayed because we the fans believe Naught Dog will take as long as it needs to give us the best game it possibly can.

What are your thoughts on these? What are your most anticipated games of 2015? Let me know in the poll and comments below!


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