ByBen Jones, writer at

I don't know what happened to this guy when he was a kid that caused him to develop into a self-riotous egotist with an over exaggerated sense of self-worth, but it obviously wouldn't bode well if he were faced with *any* kind of foreign policy decision. The mere fact that he would consider & then say something like that clearly displays an inability to make rational judgements... and that his own ego is clearly priority #1... as opposed to what would be best for public policy & the good of our nation. (We all saw how he reacted at the Grammy's w/ Taylor Swift..... And he wants us to vote & give him access to nuclear launch codes?!?!? Comeon Kanye.... Reeeaalllly????)

This isn't some high school student gov. election (aka popularity contest)... and anyone making a mockery of our election process for his own personal gain/ego clearly does not belong in the Oval Office.

So just to be clear.... Would I vote for Kanye West?? "No... no... hell the F**K NO!!!"

(What's even more scary though... is the impending dread I'm feeling right now as I wait to see what the results of this poll are. We can agree to disagree... but it's a scary thought thinking that *anyone* would have an answer dissimilar to the one I just stated. I'm not saying I like any other politicians any better... but at least they are "politicians"!!)


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