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Sascha Baron Cohen, after a fairly light two years of appearances (Anchorman 2; Eastbound and Down), returns to big screens early next year with a new and highly irksome character, Digger, in the comedy Grimsby.

Digger joins Cohen’s stable of goofballs which includes rapper Ali G, Khazakhstan-based reporter Borat, fashion model Bruno and non-benevolent dictator, Admiral General Aladeen.

The newest goofball is a football hooligan (in the U.S. football is known as soccer).

A football hooligan is a brainless thug who lives to drink, brawl and fervently support his favorite football team and frequently gets arrested.

The story to the new movie is that a top black ops spy, played by Mark Strong, is forced to work with his eccentric brother, Sascha Baron Cohen, to solve a difficult case.

Digger is another of Cohen's morons.
Digger is another of Cohen's morons.

Cohen’s modus operandi, in addition to his stable of nutcases, usually develops some sort of accompanying controversy along the way.

For example, on the Ali G show when interviewing Anti-abortionists, he compared abortion to eating from Burger King in that “surely you should try something before you say it is bad...”

Then there was the time when Borat told spectators at a U.S. rodeo that, in his native country, “We support your war of terror.” He then went on to sing the national anthem…of his own country.

In keeping with the tradition, residents of the U.K. town of Grimsby, (where the film takes place but was never filmed there) have expressed anger at their town being portrayed as filthy, violent and filled with ghettos.

Does not work and play well with others.
Does not work and play well with others.

Like Mr. Cohen’s other movies, Grimsby will involve plenty of scatological jokes.

In addition to Sascha Baron Cohen and Mark Strong, the movie also stars Rebel Wilson, Isla Fisher, Penelope Cruz, and Ian McShane.

It remains to be seen if Digger will resonate with Cohen’s fans.

Grimsby will be in theaters starting March 4, 2016.


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