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I just saw Ant Man, and after 2 minutes of research on the internet I'm going to give you the question for today's post: Have you ever noticed how each Marvel's Movie has the same plot?

Change the suit and you have it. I mean, you probably noticed it, I'm no genius. And I am not a comic reader either, so everything I post here is entirely based on what I've seen in the movies.

Let's see the pattern.

1. The hero is presented. You know what he's capable of and what are his weaknesses. Iron Man, for instance: genius -great- douchebag -wrong-.

2. First obstacle. You see the first thing that goes wrong for the hero. Ant Man: he's caught robbing a house.

3. Suit up. We see the suit and and he/she/they explain/s why he has to wear it.

4. First attempt to be a hero. Mostly a partial victory. In Iron Man he escapes from the terrorists' cave, but he loses the friend who helped him.

5. The second act. It's like 80% happiness and 10 minutes of agony. Captain America wins every battle and doesn't confronts Hydra until the end of it.

6. The 10 minutes of agony. It occurs like in 5 minutes. All is lost for one scene.

7. Team up. The hero gets its own version of the Avengers (?) when he joins forces with allies.

8. Final battle.

9. All goes wrong one more time and...

10. Climax. Mostly all works out for the hero, but he can lose the girl *coff* Thor *coff*

So there it is. What would you add to the list?


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