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Summer 2015, one of the biggest summer movie sessions of all time has officially concluded. As always, there were plenty of big budget blockbusters coupled with smaller scale hits all serving the purpose of cashing in on the holidays. It was great to see that there was something for everyone this summer. R rated comedies such as Entourage and Ted 2 came out, along with romantic comedies such as Trainwreck. Superhero fans were content with the double punch of Age of Ultron and Ant-Man and action junkies were absolutely thrilled with Mad Max: Fury Road. Dinosaurs walked the earth again in Jurassic World and the Minions got their very own film! We also took a peek inside a little girl's head with Inside Out and got a terrific surprise in form of The Gift. Now, of course this list could go on and on but at about this time I look back at the last four months and ask myself the crucial question, which was my favourite film of the summer?

Emphasis on “my favourite”, not the biggest hit or most critically acclaimed but the film that I personally enjoyed the most. Without further ado, I’ll get it out that my very favourite film for the summer of 2015 was Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.

It was the film I enjoyed the most, it was the one I was most engaged with and it was also the one that entertained me the most. Additionally, it’s the only film that made me go back for a second viewing for no other reason than that I just really wanted to watch it again. What’s interesting is that Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation originally wasn't even supposed to be a summer release. It was set for December but since that’d put in competition with Star Wars and lose it the luxury of having some well-deserved IMAX screens, the film was pulled forward to the summer window.

It was a film I was very excited for and while that occasionally leads to disappointment, in this instance my expectations were exceeded. You can read my full review of the film here.

Honorable mention goes to Jurassic World, which despite all its flaws was one of the finest examples of wholesome popcorn entertainment. The nostalgia, the dinosaurs and the well-choreographed set pieces all came together in an explosive package that made for a real treat on the big screen.

And that was my favourite film from the summer of 2015. What was yours? I’d love to hear about it in the poll and comments below.


What was your favourite film this summer?


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