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Many, large book related fandoms have formed over the decades, as well as the recent years.

Ranging from YA fiction, such as Divergent, the Hunger Games, and The Fault in Our Stars. To well-loved series, such as Harry Potter, and the Mortal Instruments.

Among these, is the Percy Jackson series.

Personally, I fell in love with the books, the minute I read the first sentence. From Rick Riordan's easy-to-read wording, to the humorous spin he brings to the table. The Percy Jackson books are a thrill for everyone, no matter the age.

But, while other fandoms are able to attain movies that correspond fairly well to the books. The Percy Jackson fandom, was left in the dust.

If I were to say everything that was wrong with the movies, from Annabeth's hair, to the cabins' designs itself. It would take hours on end.

It seems to me, that the director simply took a quick glance at the cover and then made the movie, expecting it to turn out just as the book did.

I cannot even watch the movie without feeling the intense urge to scream at the screen, correcting all of its wrongs. For, we know that in every book-adapted movie, there are some things that are not right. But the Lightning Thief, and its predecessor, The Sea of Monsters, is, to put nicely, an abomination.

But enough ranting, let's just get to the point.

There have already been a few TV series that are based on books. Such as the Vampire Diaries, and Pretty Little Liars .

So why not include Percy Jackson into the mix? The fandom deserves an intense apology for the pitiful excuse for a movie that we were given.

There are certainly enough books to start off the series, and there is no shortage of fans to spur it on.

I have no doubt, that if a series were to be launched, it would be an immediate success.

There are thousands of hungry fans out in the world, waiting for their favorite book series to get the recognition it deserves.

Please, give it to us.


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