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Watch out for the Hollywood blockbuster movies on September Sundays only on HBO Defined.

Set aside your weekend chores for the blockbuster bonanza, checked out movie schedule offered in the 10 pm slot on Sundays. Watch the best of acting serving to the likes of Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Jason Segel, Tom Wilkinson, Rashida Jones, Val Kilmer, Jackie Earle Haley, Carla Gugino, Patrick Wilson, Alicia Silverstone and Brittany Murphy. Spend your September weekend nights full of comedy and experience the action-packed adventure during the nail-biting sequences. The directions of John Hamburg, Stephen Hopkins, Zack Snyder and Amy Heckerling are here to offer you with full-time entertainment for your ultimate holiday experience.

Here are the best of the Hollywood world to scintillate your Sunday nights.

I love You Man Movie
I love You Man Movie

I Love You, Man

It is a one and half hours story of a friendless real estate agent who is already engaged to his dream woman, Zooey (Rashida Jones). Paul Rudd plays Peter Klaven who is a man on mission to find his Best Man before the wedding. A guy without any male friends, Peter goes on a man-dating spree looking for a candidate who is best suited to accompany him on his big day. The 2009 romantic comedy movie is about two newly made inseparable friends who share such a great rapport that may even put a romantic relationship to question. Find out how a socially withdrawn Peter befriends Sydney (Jason Segel), only to strain his relationship with his girlfriend. Watch on to find out the fate of this newly found friendship.

The Ghost and the Darkness

The movie released in 1996 is a one hour 41 minutes’ long english adventure film. A construction engineer, John Henry Patterson (Val Kilmer) and a hunter, Charles Remington (Michael Douglas) set off to capture two lions who shut down a railway construction while they are on their man eating rampage. Watch to find the fate of the Tsavo man-eater lions who are on a killing spree and claim several lives at the construction site until two brave men hatch a plan to stop the bloodthirsty souls

Watchmen Movie
Watchmen Movie


It is a two hour 15 minutes’ long running film which focuses upon getting to the depth of a controversy to kill and spreading words to bring shame to all the superheroes of past and present. This 2009 superhero film portrays a story in the backdrop of a nuclear war in progress between Russia and America. When the masked crime fighters known as watchmen are threatened of their lives, their colleague Rorschach (Jackie Earle Haley) stands up to protect them.


This is a comedy film made in 1995 and was inspired from the famous Jane Austen novel, Emma. Alicia Silverstone plays the protagonist Cher who is a modern day Emma. Stacy Dash plays her best friend named Dionne Davenport. Cher is constantly on loggerheads with Josh Lucas (Paul Rudd) who constantly mocks her on her vanity. Tune-in to figure out what turn her life takes while she tries to play a matchmaker as all her attempts are going haywire.

Switch on your television sets and stay glued to HBO Defined for an entertaining September with the hollywood blockbuster films on Sunday nights.


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