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Im in love with MCU not only as a fan of Marvel but also as an actor. So my mind races with ideas on who's who or how they can be incorporated and other stuff like that. I thought I'd share some my ideas i came up with.

Stan Lee Watches Us All

The first one is pretty simple but I'm sure someone else has thought up this cool theory but ill share it again. Wouldnt it be cool if the character Stan "the man" Lee has been this entire time is a Watcher. One of the most infinitely powerful being who doesnt interfere with the affairs of the lesser beings. Stan Lee could just be one of them in disguise. If you dont know who the watchers are they are vastly powerful extraterrestrials who have taken on the task passively watching over the universe and recording the events. Watchers are from an unknown planet in an unknown galaxy however they do not live on their home planet they take residence on planets. So Stan Lee could definitely be one but not anyone hes gotta be Uatu the watcher on earth. Uatu changed his appearance and has a balance where no one in the MCU remembers his face no matter how many times they have seen him. Example Captain America has so far seen him 3 times and not questioned it. (At least not in camera).

Fantastic new entry

Ive been thinking if Marvel gets back the rights to our Fav Formiddable Faction of Four(alliteration), how would they bring them in to the MCU. Well given the origin of the Fantastic Four's powers, the whole cosmic ray exposure wouldn't the first people the team be related to be the Guardians of the Galaxy. Now , I'm not saying a direct relationship but what if at the end of GotG2 there was some explosion that takes place. That explosion expanding, collecting cosmic kinectic energy (if that is a thing) and that wave hits an expecting aircraft holding the final five. Thus giving them theyre powers and sending them crashing to back Earth with a special credit scene of them being rescued from the wreckage by S.H.I.E.L.D.

Going Super Nova!

So adding to the last one everyone's favorite Buckethead could make his way to the MCU heres how that could happen remember that explosion I mentioned could happen in GotG2 well the cause of that explosion eould be the bittersweet demise of the Nova Corps and cosmic kinectic energy wave brings along one thing from the debris the last nova corp helmet which somehow ends up in the hands of the young (most likely same age as Tom Holland's Spider-Man) Sam Alexander.

What do you think let me knoe if you want more. I got tons and tell me what you think of these. Share your own

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