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Captain America is one of the biggest icons in the MCU, but unfortunately for you Steve Rogers die hard fans, he NEEDS to die in the upcoming [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). It's something I feel is inevitable. There are also a large number of reasons why. Let's run by them. (Spoilers for [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035).)

Comic accuracy

One large complaint I hear a lot about the current MCU, is how inaccurate it's being to the comics in both it's characters and story arcs. Civil War is already no exception to that criticism. Having not nearly enough characters as it did in the comics, it feels more like Captain America: Civil Dispute to some. Like how Spiderman played such a huge role, his role this time will be very limited compared to the comics. One thing that could definitely help stay true to the comics, is having the the death of Rogers at the end. It's such a pivotal part, it would be a slap to the face to comic fans if they didn't go that route. Not to mention, they can have Bucky take over for the time being, they might have even foreshadowed it a couple times.

Setting a new tone for the MCU

Another large complaint I keep hearing is the overuse of jokes and how it's becoming too family friendly. Not that there's anything wrong with a couple jokes to ease the tension, but me and many others feel like they are getting carried away. This is one of the main reasons Captain America: The Winter Soldier is viewed by many to be the best in the MCU, having a darker and serious tone to it. Having Rogers die, would definitely set that up well.

End the war and reunite the Avengers

Most likely, we will not have the feud play out through the whole movie. There is most likely going to be a villain the Avengers are going to have to band together to fight against like Baron Zemo and probably Hydra. And i honestly can't think of a better way to unite the team, then the loss of one of their most beloved member, who was basically their leader.

Marvel studios needs to start killing people off

I realize this falls a lot into comic accuracy, and setting a darker tone, but i feel this needed to be talked about separately. With Avengers Infinity War Part I only 3 years away, we know people gonna die. Like, everybody gonna fuckin die. At least if they want to do it right. To me it feels like they're afraid to kill off people. Sure, they killed off Quicksilver in Age of Ultron, but we knew him over the course of one movie and there wasn't much attachment to him. So let's face it, if you have the balls to kill off Cap, you can pretty much take out whoever you want.

You can bring him back

When arguing this, the counter argument I get the most is that Chris Evans is still contracted to play Cap in future films. And they're so proud of themselves, as if they think they just destroyed my whole argument. Little do they realize, he can be brought back with the use of the Time Gem at some point during Infinity War.

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed my article. Tell me, do you think Steve Rogers will die in Civil War? Do you want him to die? Let me know in the comments below. Captain America: Civil War comes out May 6, 2016.


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