ByJon Peloquin (Requiem), writer at

With the many different television comedies that are out there, few of the more recent ones where as funny as The Brink was. The plot to it was simple, but the development of the characters made it so you where interested from start to finish. With the show set to run for a second season, the potential for this to become remembered for years to come is very high.

The show presents viewers with plenty of twists and turns that help progress the story in a unique and fast paced manner. This makes so that the more intense the tension becomes, the more pulled into the story that you fell.

The choice in humor was also a huge highlight of the show. Instead of just going for shock value or going with jokes that where already played out years ago, instead they go in much bolder fashion. This makes it so you can watch the episodes a few times with them losing any of their edge.

This was also a show that was able to balance humor, story telling, while including a socio commentary that was delivered in a fashion that was neither boring or too over the top. While at times it does seem like things touch down on the more absurd side, overall it was a great show that catches viewers and makes them want more.


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