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My plot 2 /

Well the sequels of the pirates carry on . I'm going to text in H͟E͟C͟K͟Y͟E͟S͟ The one thing I don't love is how people now are generating, themselves as mermaids. No course its not a bad thing . At all !

But when it comes down to a giant squid that we some actually believe in . Almost like holding your breath for a new life of a different way different intense and Dangrous image beauty and thin also encouraging too just look at " a mermaid" some people are now able too swim in the bottom ocean to hold their breaths for hours which is known as mermaids.

But creating your self into a. Non humanity living what else could happen . The mermaid was is a Egyptian myth .

apparently in time we now are able to being able to be lie mermaids in movies . Like the last squeal from pirates if the carribbean " Forgot the name I apologize .

And this is My second plot!

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