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As we all know, Amell was in a WWE match at Summerslam 2015. As we also know WWE 2K16 comes out later on this month. If you pre-order the game on XBOX 360/ONE or PS3/PS4 you get 2 downloadable contents, One being the Terminator from the first movie and the other is Terminator from the second movie.

So if Arnie can get a playable character when he has only hit a wrestler but not actually been in a match, why cant Amell get one as him or as the Arrow. Amell posted this last week;

So maybe he will come back, do a finisher on Stardust then they put that finisher in the game. On another status of his, this was his response to somebody's comment

I believe he should be in the 2K16 because there will be alot more people buying the game like Andrew and because he done a good job at Summerslam for a non-wrestler.


Should Amell get a playable character?


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