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Have you ever wanted to see your favourite Star Wars moments from a new perspective? Luckily for us, this is exactly what artist Christian Waggoner provides with his series of perspective paintings.

Not even the great Master Yoda could have foreseen the masterful character perspective that artist Christian Waggoner would provide when he set out to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Star Wars. However, his skill as a photorealistic artist allowed him to expertly explore each scene through the reflection of military helmets, bug-eyed aliens and shiny metal droids.

Stormtroopers Breach Tantive IV

What is so engaging about this series is the ability to see the scene unfolding from an unusual angle, whilst also knowing a character's exact perspective during each scene.

Greedo Shoots (Second!) and R2D2 Records Leia's Distress Signal

These are also both great examples of Waggoner's technique. As Han charms the Rodian bounty hunter, we witness both character's experience during the stand-off, allowing us to feel the tension between these foes.

A Sandtrooper Sees the Droids He Was(n't) Looking For...

If this Sandtrooper was fortunate enough to survive the shoot-out that soon followed, this is certainly a moment that would have replayed in his mind. Luckily for us, this piece allows us to witness the trooper's weak mindedness from close proximity.

Darth Vader Duels Obi-Wan Kenobi

The curvature of Vader's eyes here doesn't quite match what we see in A New Hope, but this piece is just as effective when it comes to showing the perspectives of Vader and Obi-Wan.

Speaking of Obi-Wan's perspective, you can find my 5 Ways an Obi-Wan Kenobi Movie Can Become More Powerful Than You Could Possibly Imagine here!

X-Wings Fly Towards the Death Star's Thermal Exhaust Port

Taken directly from one of A New Hope's most impactful scenes, here we see an angle that was also famously offered to us within the movie. This image has some serious movement, and allows us to witness the grand finale all over again.

Boba Fett Glares at a Frozen Han Solo

This depiction of Boba facing Han Solo as he emerges from being frozen in Carobonite reminds me just how sinister Boba's armour appears in Empire Strikes Back. Even without facial expressions, his helmet allows us to image him coldly staring at his bounty.

Darth Vader Gives Luke Skywalker His Moment of Truth

The curvature of Vader's eyes here are much better than the previous depiction. Perhaps more importantly, the artist has done a great job capturing the utter disgust that was portrayed so well by the great Mark Hamill.

Princess Leia Barters With Jabba the Hutt

For me, the two slightly different perspectives (one slightly larger than the other) shows off the peculiarity of this mask, and reminds me just how obscure and exciting this costume looked the first time I saw Return of the Jedi - especially as the character behind the mask was a mystery at the time.

The Royal Guard Follows the Sith as C3P0 Serves Jabba

This series wouldn't be complete without utilising the shine of C3P0's golden shell. Notice the details on his chin, which adds another layer to the unfolding drama.

Scout Troopers Chase the Skywalker Siblings

These were always my favourite troopers when I was a child, so its great to see a scout trooper featured in this series. Waggoner has truly captured the intensity of the chase here, as well as the interesting design of the helmet.

Although I could talk about this series endlessly, this unfortunately concludes the series. The good news is that Waggoner is currently working on collaboration with Disney Films and the Disney Gallery - meaning there could be a [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) series at some point in the future following the film's release on December 18th. So, check out his website for even more fantastic Star Wars art from this incredible talent.

Finally, I'd like to know that you think of this series. Did this Star Wars art put you into the scene and allow you to feel each character's perspective? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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