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I'm sure you've seen your fair share of people who bear insanely uncanny resemblances to celebrities over the years. Yet, nothing will prepare you for this one.

It seems that the world has just gone crazy for one Instagram user who looks exactly like one legendary Hollywood star - Angelina Jolie!

Yep, you'd think it was actually the Salt actress, but it's actually just a selfie taken by Scottish Chelsea Marr, a girl who might as well be the actress's doppelgänger!

The 24-year-old beauty hails from Aberdeen in Scotland and her looks have been causing a tremendous stir in recent times. So much so, that she's been dubbed Angie's best look-a-like EVER by people on Twitter.

Everything about her screams Angelina - from her luscious locks, her high cheek-bones, her cute button nose, her striking eyes and even the shape of her lips. Even their smiles are the same, it's insane!

They are basically identical - and if you're still not convinced, take a look at some of Chelsea's other Instagram posts:

Her account is usually swamped with positive responses from overwhelmed followers who are taken aback when they set eyes on her!

Yet despite all of the publicity, Chelsea has yet to make a statement about how she feels to look exactly like one of the most beautiful women on the planet.

Instead, she continues to go about her daily business, working at the office every say like a normal girl and hanging out with her friends on the weekends.

All other celebrity look-a-likes might as well pack up and go home because the title of best doppelgänger in the world has been taken.


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