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The big bosses at Nickelodeon have been keeping their fingers firmly on the pulse of internet nostalgia for their 'golden era' shows, and they have finally decided to listen to their fans and bring back the big guns.

Although it hasn't yet been specified exactly which shows they plan to enthrall a whole new generation with, Russell Hicks, the president of content and development at Nickelodeon, told Variety that:

"We are looking at our library to bring back ideas, shows that were loved, in a fresh new way. We are getting ready to bring back some of the ones they’ve told us multiple times they want to have brought back."

Bearing in mind the huge popularity of the shows, speculation is rife that the forerunners for a fresh new look are The Rugrats and Hey Arnold, but we will just have to wait patiently for the final slate to be unveiled.

The memories!
The memories!

Hicks noted that the revived shows might not necessarily appear as full series, but they could also take the form of isolated specials or movies, although no final decisions have yet been made.

As a child who spent many years drinking in the technicolor insanity of Nicktoons, I am absolutely thrilled about the idea of getting an extra dose of the classics and below is a totally biased list of the top 5 toons I'd love to reacquaint myself with.

5. Invader Zim

Even though I would have totally been in the bottom ranking of Zim's Irken society thanks to my diminutive height, I'm still willing to give the extraterrestrial invader a place on the list.

This witty show is fully deserving of its cult following and Jhonen C. Vasquez's black humor and wit shine brightly throughout this surreal space romp.

4. Doug

There was so much heart mixed in with Doug's hefty doses of humor that it's impossible to not feel like you are best friends with the titular protagonist after a few episodes. Whether he was being shy and awkward or facing his fears as Quail boy, Doug was one of the most lovable cartoon characters of the generation.

3. Hey Arnold

Featuring one of the most epic love stories of my childhood (and one, as I realize when I look at fan art, that I am still deeply invested in today!) Hey Arnold was a nuanced, intelligent and sensitive cartoon that I couldn't get enough of.

And of course, it features my favorite Nicktoons character Helga G. Pataki who I adored and empathized so much with as a child, even though she could be a colossal dick. We all know how it is to have our girlhood tremble for someone who doesn't notice you exist, girl!

2. The Ren and Stimpy Show

If you had to sum up Ren and Stimpy in one word it would be 'deranged' and that is why I loved it so much! When I was first exposed to these snot yanking, teeth smashing, brain popping critters, it was immediately banned by my parents because it was a cartoon for adults. Needless to say, I've watched it religiously, remote in hand, ever since!

1. The Rugrats

Surely I don't have to explain this one to anyone?! The Rugrats was brilliantly imaginative and chock full of jokes for parents and children alike ("born under Venus..." Looking at the world through Tommy's inquisitive and naive eyes was both hilarious and insightful and, judging by the amount of Rugrats based artwork I see on a weekly basis, the series won over tens of thousands of hearts.

(Source: Variety)


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