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After getting our hopes way up to Mount Olympus by hinting that she might return for a Xena: Warrior Princess reboot, Lucy Lawless has dashed our hopes into the pits of Tartarus.

Speaking to Den of Geek, Lawless said sadly:

"I’m probably not up for that gig. I can’t imagine how you could tell the story with me at 47 years old and make it work. I’ve never received a call about [the reboot]; it’s nothing to do with us, honestly, [though] I know [original series executive producer and Lawless's husband] Rob [Tapert] is meeting with them."

Boo! Word is that heads over at NBC are searching for a younger woman to star, making a Xena for the new generation by modeling her on The Hunger Games's Katniss Everdeen. Still, Lawless maintains that Xena: Warrior Princess MUST get a reboot at some point:

"It’d be crazy not to make it one way or another. I just hope they can honor the original intent of the show… and I really do want Xena and Gabrielle to live again one way or another. I’d love to be part of that, but even if I’m not, I wish them well."

*Sob* No, I'm fine, I've just got something in my eye. Here's the soft vocal stylings of Gabrielle to cheer you up...

Maybe there'll be some other way to revive the Xena: Warrior Princess legacy?


Would you watch a Xena reboot without Lucy Lawless?

Source: Den of Geek, Youtube


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