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Even big Marvel fans, and more specifically fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, may think of Kevin Feige when they first think of Marvel's film presence. However, Ike Perlmutter up to this point really had the reins when it came to one of the most popular movie franchises currently in existence, as the Chief Executive Officer, or CEO.

Recently, Kevin Feige, who has feuded with Perlmutter pretty publicly, has been given more control over the studio, probably much to the pleasure of fans who he's who feel he's more accessible. He's been very openly PR-focused, taking interviews and acting as the face of the franchise. Perlmutter was more behind the scenes (but actually had more power?), which was what he preferred. The two had their differences.

Anyway, the negotiations that give Feige more movie control are extremely complex, but here are 5 things you should know about the implications of all of this.

1. We might see bigger differences between Marvel’s TV and movie properties

Perlmutter will still have control over Marvel TV, so Feige breaking free from the creative prison that working with Perlmutter appeared to have been for him, could mean the film adaptations from Marvel's comics will differ tremendously from what we'll see on the small-screen.

2. We may see some new spending habits on the movie side

Now, the less creative Perlmutter has given the reigns on spending to Feige. This is probably not a huge deal, but what it could mean is a positive change for us Marvel fans. It means that budget increases and better-allocated funds could create more awesome movies. Feige will probably have a better idea of what the fans want, and therefore will know what to spend money on (i.e. salaries for actors and creatives, special effects, etc.).

3. Feige may now have more storyline control on the movie side

This is kind of tied to #2. An immediate gamechanger could be the fact that Feige should be able to keep a big-money guy like Chris Hemsworth around for a few more years, with control over the team's finances. He'll also probably have more creative input overall. All of this, once again, is good news for the fans who will see the benefit of the power-swap.

4. Disney studio-head Alan Horn will be overseeing Feige, which is a better relationship than that of Perlmutter and Feige almost by default

It's pretty likely that this goes all the way up to the top man... and that is Alan Horn, the Chairman of the Board at Disney. The thinly veiled secret was that Perlmutter and Feige weren't getting along, and it was Horn who probably signed off on making them "play nice" and giving Feige the control he so desperately wanted. Many people think Feige would have probably left after Phase 3 if it wasn't for this move. Horn doesn't want to run Marvel, he just wants to make sure whoever is running it is capable and drama-free. Problem solved.

5. This probably won't make a huge difference in the MCU until Doctor Strange and projects later in the sequence

Everything through the next couple of years is pretty set in stone, and a lot of it is already in the production process. Therefore, this new leadership probably won't have any obvious or tangible differences (at least to fans) for a few more years. Doctor Strange is probably the fastest approaching project to potentially be affected by it.


Overall, this is good news for fans of keeping things in the right hands for the betterment of Marvel. Sometimes, when there are too many cooks in the kitchen, so to speak, it's hard to get things done. Disney and Marvel have made sure that this will not be a problem for both massive companies going forward.

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