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While not carrying the tension of the previous two seasons, Orange Is the New Black season 3 was nevertheless filled with plenty of twists and turns, and its own share of shocking developments. Not the least of these was the final cliffhanger which left audiences in doubt on Alex's fate and concerned about the new inmates flooding Litchfield. All things considered, Orange Is The New Black season 4 is already shaping up to be a rough ride for all our favourite criminals. Piper, in particular, will have a lot to adjust to...

The New Power In Litchfield

After playing nice for the first two seasons, Piper finally showed her true colours in season 3. The facade dropped and she threw herself into the power vacuum left by Red and Vee, gaining supporters and influence as the series progressed.

It's a deliciously ironic turn of events that white-bread girl next door Piper is actually becoming more of a crook as she spends more time in prison. This character development really begs the question of whether she'll turn to a life of crime when she's released, and how she could possibly go back to her former life after such an illustrious career as a pervy panty business tycoon.

"You had me at flavor packets."
"You had me at flavor packets."

But while Piper's turn to the dark side was for the most part amusing in season 3, she revealed just how vicious she's become when she doomed Ruby Rose's Stella to Maximum Security. In ruthless retaliation to Stella stealing the profits from Piper's business, Piper framed Stella, stashing various contraband around her bed to incriminate the young inmate on the eve of her release. I gotta agree with Big Boo on this one: that certainly was "some stone-cold shit."

Redemption or Retribution in S4

Will season 4 see Piper get some poetic justice? The influx of new inmates is certainly going to shake things up, and overcrowding will be a huge issue next season. Taylor Schilling seems to think that Piper will face these problems head on, trying to maintain her position of power despite opposition.

"It’s really fun where [Piper] is now. I think she’s really going to keep scrambling to keep her sense of self intact. When it feels like it’s bottoming out, that’s when you try harder to control things."

So season 4 could feature a desperate Piper, employing even more merciless methods as she tries to keep control of her little world. In a bit of role reversal, Alex might be the one to reign Piper in, and remind her who she really is.

Reconciliation for Alex and Piper?
Reconciliation for Alex and Piper?

Or that's what Laura Prepon thinks will happen. We're pretty sure now that Alex will be back and more paranoid than ever in season 4, and her relationship with Piper, though rocky at best, might be Piper's saving grace.

"She sees through all of Piper’s BS. And that’s why they’re such a cool relationship. I think that Alex knows that she’s putting it on, it’s not really her….It’s one of the reasons why Alex dumped Piper in Season 3. She’s just like, ‘Listen, this is kind of gross, and where’s the real Piper?’."

After all the lies and mistrust between the two, it would be nice to see Alex and Piper have a change in pace for their relationship, finding solace in each other in the chaos that's sure to come in season 4.

What's In Store

We've also had some developments for other characters in season 4: newbies and oldies alike will face some difficult situations, and hopefully we'll get the return of fan faves Nicky and Stella! Here's what we know so far...

  • There will be three new male characters - these have been cast, but we don't know who they're playing yet.
  • Glee's Jolene Purdy will be joining the gang! Again, her role hasn't been revealed yet.
  • Big Boo has been promoted to series regular - will we finally get a Boo-focused backstory episode? (Plus, lots more of her friendship with Pennsatucky please.)
  • Stella may indeed return - according to Ruby Rose "it could go either way!"
  • Caitlyn Jenner probably won't appear in season 4 after Laverne Cox laughed off this idea as pure speculation.
  • Still no news on Nicky, but Kate Mulgrew wants to see a reunion between Red and her surrogate daughter.

It's all shaping up to be very exciting, and we can't wait to see what shocking twists season 4's story will reveal. But what do you think should happen in the next season of Orange Is The New Black? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!


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