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The Harry Potter franchise is a wondrous thing. Each book and film holds a variety of favorite moments for all of us. The films were a real visual treat. But, did you know that throughout the movies there were four different directors over seeing the different installments in the series, along with six cinematographers? Each film has it's own unique stamp because of this. Added to the beautiful cinematography is our very own beautiful Muggle Earth, beautifully lending itself as a backdrop to the films.

Time to hop back onboard the Flying Ford Anglia and travel back to some of these stunning locations.

6. Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland

Cinematographer: Roger Pratt, Director: Chris Columbus

The magnificent Scottish landscape is seen as the Hogwarts Express crosses over the viaduct in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It is seen right before this intense and pretty hilarious scene with Ron and Harry unfolds.

5. Glencoe, Scotland

Cinematographer: Eduardo Serra, Director: Alfonso Cuarón

Glencoe provided a stunning backdrop for The Prisoner of Azkaban. The beautiful cinematography combined with special effects gave a sense of just how large the Hogwarts grounds really were. Alfonso Cuarón's most notable films include Gravity and Children of Men. Alfonso's directing and vision brought a new breath-taking element to the movies.

4. Bjorli, Norway

Cinematographer: Bruno Delbonnel, Director: David Yates

Bjorli provided the backdrop for all the winter scenes in The Half-Blood Prince. This dramatic scene is one which is not easily forgotten, the clever cinematography contrasts Katie's red coat against the white blanket of snow. It is one of the most haunting scenes in the book. The cinematographer Bruno Delbonnel, along with director David Yates, did a pretty epic job at translating the words onto the screen.

3. Pembrokeshire

Cinematographer: Sławomir Idziak, Director: David Yates

The sky at the beginning of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is so dramatic. It gives the illusion of the cast being much smaller than they really are. I think this is such a beautiful and surreal looking shot and like nothing we had seen before in the Harry Potter series. Alongside this, the landscape is stunning and seems like somewhere very different from Little Whinging, Surrey; looking more like a place straight out of the American Mid-West.

2. Location Unknown, somewhere in the UK

Cinematography: Roger Pratt, Director: Mike Newell

This humble location was presented to us in The Goblet of Fire. In this shot, the camera makes its way through the tall grass to land on an old boot. It is a simple shot, yet beautifully executed as the sun illuminates the sky on the horizon. This could have been shot anywhere really and not just in the U.K., but the way that it was filmed makes this shot so special. This scene happens as the trio head up the hill to get the portkey.

1. County Clare, Ireland

Cinematographer: Bruno Delbonnel, Director: David Yates

This shot is a creative composition of fantastic perspective genius. To the left is the spade standing tall in the ground, to the right are the characters who have been dwarfed by the dead Acromantula right in the center of the shot. Thankfully, such spiders do not exist. At a glance maybe it seems like an effortless shot, but I can only imagine how much consideration went in to making it perfect.

Time to drive away from the horrific spidery image!

Do you have a favorite location that I may have missed?

Source: Hypnable


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