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Recently married couple Kia Parsons and Billy Bunning had different ideas for their wedding cake. As most of us know, wedding cakes can be a super important part of a marriage. It's customary for the cake to look really good and (hopefully) taste amazing as well.

Well, Kia wanted a more traditional flower cake. Billy was more interested in showing off his love for Marvel... with a little DC shoutout in there as well. Check out the two-sided-cake-compromise! They each took half of the cake and did what they pleased with it.

Kia and Billy never saw the two-sided beautiful cake until the wedding reception. They were pleasantly surprised, and pleased, by how amazing it came out. Here's what Kia had to say:

"We didn't actually see the cake until we arrived at our reception venue. We were completely overwhelmed by how brilliant it looked. From most angles of the room the cake looked like a traditional wedding cake, just what we had wanted. It wasn't until the cake was moved for us to cut that our guests realised there was a hidden extra.”

And here are the two cake-sides again, up close.

Kia's Traditional Flower Cake

Can't go wrong with flowers. This side is undeniably beautiful and not trying to take anything away from it, but Billy's superhero side is arguably one of the best things I've ever seen on a cake ever!

Cap, Spidey, Batman, and Iron Man all get a shout-out in Billy's side

I'm not sure if this is the order of preference for Billy, but I think all four of these superheroes are worthy of the wedding cake. I like that Cap and Iron Man, are at the top and bottom, respectively. I'm sure Tony Stark would argue somehow that being the one holding everybody up is better than being at the top.

I just wish there was a Deadpool portion to the cake. Talk about a guy with class who could really help make your wedding vows pop. I mean, there would be a lot of inappropriate bits, but the wedding would instantly have more character.


Who's side of the cake is better?

(Via: Mirror)


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