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I'm a firm believer in the notion that Disney and Pixar are two of the smartest and most creatively innovative studios in existence. But, despite their being an unstoppable force of animated movie goodness, they're not perfect.

Much of the genius behind their films comes from plenty of discussion, negotiations, and trial and error. Sometimes it even takes recording and storyboarding a scene before realizing that it simply doesn't fit.

Had some of these scenes been included, they could have given the entire movie a different character, storyline, or overall feel. For one reason or another, the following deleted scenes didn't make the final cut. Check them out and let me know what you guys think!

1. Goodnight Sweet Prince - The Lion King

While audiences are familiar with the dramatic scene where Pride Rock is engulfed in flames and Scar and Simba face off, what's new about this scene is Scar's demise. After Simba pulls Scar up from falling, Scar pushes him down into the flames but is consumed by fire as he laughs over his victory. Little did he know, Simba survived the fall. Is this less dark than having him be eaten by his hyena henchmen? Eh, debatable.

2. Black Friday Reel - Toy Story

This Toy Story scene was ultimately cut because the filmmakers decided it didn't really fit Woody's character. It was an attempt to make the story a little more edgy, but in the end they saw that it didn't make any sense. Looking back, I think they're glad they went back to the drawing board.

3. Evil Elsa - Frozen

Most of us probably know by now that in the original story for Frozen, Elsa was planned to be the villain. With the way the movie turned out, it's pretty hard to imagine it that way. Luckily, deleted scenes like this exist so you can make up your own mind! Do you prefer good Elsa or evil Elsa?

4. R.I.P Pudge the Fish - Lilo & Stitch

What is this?! This deleted scene is so unbearably sad I can't believe this was part of the initial production and made it to the storyboards. Stitch might be a little rough around the edges, but he's not a killer. Keep watching until you see Lilo's parent's headstones if you really want to feel your heart implode.

5. Post-9/11 Edits - Lilo & Stitch

This scene from Lilo & Stitch was actually deleted after the tragic events of 9/11. Having Stitch and the gang hijacking a 747 (even an empty one) and crashing into buildings would be a pretty bad decision.

6. Proud of Your Boy - Aladdin

It's actually pretty sad that this song was cut from the final movie. The song itself is beautiful and was written by lyricist Howard Ashman, who sadly passed away from AIDS before the film was finished. In the end, they realized that there wasn't enough room for Aladdin's mother, which necessitates Proud of Your Boy.

7. Destroying Pacha's Village - The Emperor's New Groove

This scene, like others on the list, was eventually cut because it was considered too dark for an otherwise funny movie. I have to say, seeing a troupe of soldiers destroying a fake version of Pacha's village is pretty dark and doesn't add much to the plot.

In the end, I think they always get the movies right, even if it takes a few concessions to get there. With all of the brilliant creative minds over there, I wonder what other kinds of deleted scenes and storylines we're missing out on!

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