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Adit Tickoo

Every Harry Potter fan must have seen every movie of this franchise.

But do you remember when do we first see the sign of the Deathly Hallows. If you are thinking it's Deathly Hallows Part:1 you are wrong.

The sign first featured in the 4th part of the franchise that is Goblet of Fire.

You might be recalling every scene of the movie and wondering where it was?

The sign came in the scene when Harry went into the Pensieve and saw the court hearing of Igor Karkaroff and came back from the Pensieve. Then Dumbledore explains what is the use of it and blah blah blah.. He goes in front of a glass almirah still explaining and there the Deathly Hallows sign first appears in the Harry Potter franchise.

This is all the post is about.

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What do you think is the above speculation correct?



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