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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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So it's a bit obvious that a woman had a hand in writing the characters especially when you see some episodes centered around Tina, Louis and Linda always has the certain edge to it. With the exploitation of the stereotypes that is.

And that's one of the most intriguing element of the show for me. Sure for the most part of it there are other cartoon shows dealing with a lot of feminism such as Legend Of Korra and Steven Universe.

But this show is more than that, the comedy is on-point and sharp and witty. And I love Kristen Schaal, the first day when I saw her as Mabel and just her randomness of it all. But her as Louis just could bring out the darker side of her that perhaps she could never really explore. And for me it's still weird for me to see her in a live action role especially on Last Man on Earth. But also, the other characters especially Tina and Linda who is voiced by men and I can't say but to be very weirded out by this, I mean don't get me wrong, we've seen that done before especially Lumpy space Princess and yes it's true that some women have that certain gruff in their voices like Selma and Patty as well, but it's just a little weird is all.

That being said, it still doesn't take away from the comedy. Especially with this kind of show, it kind of centers around the restaurant but mainly the family that deals with the business. Louis is always the sharp-minded witty youngest who always seems to have something smart to say and also likes to manipulate people and likes to have things her way. Tina is the emo kid with the teenage hormones and the dealing with her love for Junior. And Gene? I just love Gene, Gene is just the guy who loves his own body however it may seem and is just lovably dumb. I don't know I guess I always enjoyed watching characters like this, they just have an edge in the comedy world and as such it's just the more funnier. And for the main character Bob? Well Bob is always the enigma, always the guy who wants to prove people wrong or spite people but that isn't to say he's a very bad person either. He still loves his family and would do anything for them especially for his kids and he would always have his infamous feud with Jimmy Pesto.

So the comedy is the most holding this show together. I'm not saying the other elements are worth looking through. For me sometimes a show like this just needs more comedy and at times it does dig into the problems a normal everyday family would go through. Only a little more if so, because they are restaurateurs after all and is always manipulated by their landlord but even then, the landlord Mr. Fishoeder is never really around, we only see him in the later episodes, and if you thought that guy is weird, his brother Felix is on a whole other level.


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