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So, before anyone gets confused, I need to clarify that I'm talking about the anime series set in the Witchblade universe, not the original comics or the live-action show.

So, the first problem I have with this odd superhero show is just how unlikeable the main characters are:

  • there's a truly useless (and awkwardly drawn) mother who is just awful at raising her child (who she gets to cook for her), and is by far the least mature out of her and her 6-year old
  • there's an annoying freelance photographer who gets in the way of the police all the time,
  • and there's a sociopathic businessman who turns the bodies of human beings into semi-conscious bio-mechanical weapons to sell (YES, he's a GOOD GUY, even though he probably would be bestest buddies with Lex Luthor if he lived in the DC universe).

So, the woman recieved a mysterious bracelet during an earthquake in which she lost her memory, and this bracelet turns her into a super-powered, awkwardly-drawn monster-thing, and "good-guy Lex Luthor" hires her to fight the "X-Cons" (weapons which HIS company created that went rogue and started killing civillians), and along the way a bunch of other villains showed up, all of whom are "sisters" created with genetic modification by some old guy whose motivations made no sense whatsoever.

There are some really great ideas regarding this group, but I think that there are just too many of them, to the extent that the story jut gets kind of jumbled and confusing, particularly regarding that evil old guy.

One other problem is that the plot twist regarding Rein and Ryoko is so freaking obvious that they didn't need to try to surprise us. With that said, Reina was a truly interesting character and I loved the way that both she and Ryoko were written, with much of Ryoko's dialog (particularly regarding her mother Masane) being truly shining moments in the series.

As with so many other anime shows (Last Exile, Guilty Crown, Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing, to name a few), Witchblade ended on a bittersweet note, laced with tragedy in every corner, but unlike those shows, I feel that the excitement and the action of the finale compensated for that, so that I didn't end up feeling sad at the end of it, even in spite of what happened.

I can't say that it's good enough to recommend over a lot of other shows, but Witchblade certainly isn't awful, and does offer some enjoyment for your time, but it doen't hold a candle to some of GONZO's other shows like Last Exile or Trinity Blood.


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